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Re: Dr. Bob - I have an idea ert

Posted by alexandra_k on September 11, 2019, at 0:01:41

In reply to Re: Dr. Bob - I have an idea, posted by ert on September 10, 2019, at 16:51:50

> Your mother probably meant it well but meaning it well is not always well for someone.

that is probably true.

> You wrote phone, do you have a smartphone?

i have a not very smart phone that is no longer software supported. it isn't smart enough / stupid enough to scan my eye or my fingerprint or engage in face identification. so... maybe it is more secure than the newer phones, even. i don't know. privacy / security is only an illusion. is not even an illusion. we can't even pull off the facade of the most basic level of respectfulness or modesty or anything at all like that.

internet is okay. laggy mmo's with northern hemisphere servers, but i'm really into that so, whatever.

> the fans or heaters don't you use anymore ? I am a fan of wool and sheep's.

i am currently using probably the crappiest heater i have ever owned. it is one of those 'oil column' heaters that is sort of semi designed to look like a central heating water radiator. they used to be filled with oil but powered by electric. but in the quest to see how low could we go they started building them and they would leak oil all about the place. so then they stopped filling them with oil. so, basically, it is some kind of cheap aliminum or something with wires that heat up, i suppose rather like a cheap toaster.

there is a ceramic heater that has been hard-wire installed to the wall. the manufacturers instructions were left for me. the instructions say quite clearly 'do not run the cable along the back of the heater'. the cable has been run along the back of the heater and hard-wire installed into the wall so it is impossible for me to unplug it and re-wire it.

the heater has been screwed hard into the wall. i tried unscrewing it but the cheap aliminum (or whatever) screws werent' fit for purpose. the little cross in the phillips head warped and pulled it's way smooth. so the heater isn't coming out of the wall anytime soon.

rather like the screw that was installed in my ankle with the weakest part of the screw crossing the mobile joint.

i am tired of idiots being in charge of my welfare.

f*ck*ng idiots.

f*ck*ng idiots.

so f*ck*ng stupid to see i would do a considerably better job of looking after me than tehy would

f*ck*ng idiots

f*ck*ng idiots

f*ck*ng idiots




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