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Re: Dr. Bob - I have an idea ert

Posted by alexandra_k on September 3, 2019, at 3:52:09

In reply to Re: Dr. Bob - I have an idea, posted by ert on September 2, 2019, at 15:02:05

I guess when I think about this site I think about how it started.

The Medications board. To start with Psychiatrists were posting and asking questions about medications they perhaps weren't overly familiar with. Asking about side-effects others had found on some of the newer ones with less of a track record. And a few patients / clients / consumers were posting, too. Similarly, asking about newer medications, or perhaps posting their experiences with the newer medications.

So it was a way of... Chatting to other clinicians. Which would have been useful if one wasn't part of a large teaching hospital or something like that. If one only had a couple patients on a medication hard to see / know patterns. Hard to know if there is an association between a medication and a side-effect or whether it is merely chance. Otherwise, all one has to go on in what the drug company reps say, and we know they can be a bit slow to fess up to / to catch on to some of the harmful associations with their product.

And then over time... More and more people posted.

And so clinicians got scared away, a bit. Because they didn't want to be / didn't want to be liable for offering free medical advice over the internet. And the masses found the internet, rather. You had people like me, people from developing nations without access to psychiatry at all, really.

When the site made the New York Times then it was... All over. Methinks. If not before then. But definately then then. Now every pharmaceutal company is going to be paying people to come to Babble and post about how their latest and newest and most expensive medication is the wonderful magical cure for everything... And so how do you guard against that?

And things were developed to make the coding easier. Things like... Hashtags, and the like. To help with the search functions and the like.

This site goes 'wrong' in so many ways. Masses and masses and masses and masses and masses and masses and masses of uncodable text. You could spent an hour with peoples internet search history (available from their IP) or an hour doing a random selection of what is coming out of their phone (what is being audio / voice recorded) or how they spend their money (bank history) or who they spend their time with (proximity viruses on cellphones) and learn so very very very very very much more about a person really really really really areally really for reals... Than you would learn spending however many hours reading however much masses of text on this site.

Bob nailed it: The problem for the future will be in FINDING the needle in the haystack that has become the internet.

The way around it was to not let people build haystacks anymore. People aren't allowed to say what they mean. THey need select from the drop down menu so they can be grouped with the others who responded the same. And so on. Hashtags much be included.

You can see it unfolding yourself. From the very start... If at the very start anybody had told Bob what this site would become... I don't think Bob would have believed them. If Bob had have tried to tell them... I don't think they would have believed him.

10 years ago (roughly) I told the good people at Otago that the internet was the future for Medicine in NZ. THey pooh pooh rubbished it. Said they didn't have clean drinking water for many of their people. Well.. They still don't have clean drinking water for many of their people. But millions of dollars gets spent on cr(apps) that don't work / aren't functional. And so on...

And there was something very recently about this whole message board for surgeons thing. Like... Like because NZ is so very very very far behind we can re-invent the wheel by doing what this site was for surgery. Hahaahahahaha ahahha. Yeah right.

The concern was that people might tell the site things they wouldn't say to people's faces. For example, post that you hate your boss and your boss sucks. Then you find yourself fired.

Back when people trusted / believed in privacy.

People don't believe in privacy anymore, I don't think. Not like that.

Who believes in secrets anymore?

There is no... Confidence. There are no. Confidants. Some things money cannot buy.

Not anymore.

You have to go off the grid for that.

And then back on the grid.

It just doen't happen. Anymore.

This whole matyr thing...

It's just another thing. Just another thing. Just one more thing. From the toxic environment...

It is up to them if they choose to matyr me.

That's on them.

They know I don't deserve that.

So are they going to behave themselves, or what?



I agree with you about the empowerment. Choosing for yourself what to reveal.

People have long said that NZ is a culture / nation of bullies. It really is. Choice is not something we believe in. There is this thing about 'having no shame'. ABout that being a virtue. I suppose I realised over the last couple days what my mother was trying to do... She was trying to toughen me up. She was trying to teach me to have no shame. She was trying, the best way she knew how, to do that. By way of shaming me as often and as much as she could and by magnifying and magnifying and poking and proding my shame as much as she could...

And I never got it. I never hardened up / toughened up. I dissociated -- for a time. But I kept my inner child while the people around me bound theirs.

Curiosity and sensitivity and the smaller gentler tenderer feelings. The vulnerability. Emotionally.

Are not things that people are really able to feel, here.

I don't know. You have to weave your environment. Do your thing while / where the masses are sleeping... I don't know.

I don't know.

> There maybe some benevolence. I do not deny that. But overall I think there is definitely more malevolence. Apart form the coercion and risks that the site poses because of the rights that are disregarded, how does the ruler measure the outcomes? he does not know if it really helps. Also the truth and information can get distorted which consequently can lead to disinformation because participants will not reveal themselves or understandably lie eg. to obfuscate the truth.
> If the ruler did not misappropriate someones property of many people who do not know their rights and if the ruler let the participants the control over it at all times I would see more benevolence.
> If the site has good overview is a technical thing. The phpBB also has good overview and the telegram has other advantages such as better person to person communication and privacy that is within the meaning of the laws.
> More important and the imperative virtue is in my opinion if vulnerable persons can rule themselves over what they have revealed.




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