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Re: Dr. Bob alias Dr. Robert C. Hsiung -I have an idea

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2019, at 17:24:37

In reply to Re: Dr. Bob alias Dr. Robert C. Hsiung -I have an idea, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2019, at 17:11:43

and so people want to hang about all day. hang about in a herd. spend their time focused on each other.

and that's fine. that's their choice. there's enough of them to keep each other company. to keep each other entertained.

only the thing they do is try and grow their herd. try and find people... particularly people who aren't with a herd already and try and make those other people focus on them and hang about with them and join their herd.

and the trouble is that there are things to do with your time... things to do... that can't really be done in a herd.

reading. writing. arithmetic.

i mean... there is kind of sort of a way of doing these things in a herd. a whole team of people can write a thesis. if you don't mind making it take years and years and years and years for everybody to read it and to write little suggestions and reccommendations and then you do what one person says and the next person then tells you to do it different.

round and round in circles. and not much progress is made. and not much progress is made. and eventually the meaning drops out. the central coherence. and you end up with something heaviliy processed that doesn't say anything at all.

and of course nobody is actually designing bridges or cathedrals or non-leaky houses... nobody is designing software systems that are user friendly and intuitive... that are secure... that are functional... nobody is producing good quality orignial music. nobody is playing any games other than rugby, really. because one has to play rugby if one plays any sport at all... that later one is maybe not true... but you get the idea... nothing much is accomplished.

it is a group person. it is a boundary thing. it is what happens when mother turned her attention to the next baby and you were weaned 'early'? when you were thrown to your brothers and sisters and basically thrown out the door for anyone else to raise.

when there are no structured activities. when there are no skilled people giving you one on one attention and care. when nobody reads you stories with rhyming words pointing with their finger to the syllables that are repeated so that you learn to crack the code and read by yourself... when people were rather more invested in preventing that from ever happening by only providing you with overly busy picture books and by obscuring the smalles meaningful unit of sound / written code...

when the environment was fill of people who chirp and squeel and so on where the only appropriate response is to be to look at them and smile. no matter what you are doing. you are part way through a complicated math thing that involves you really stretching the power of your working memory but chirp! squeel! wahoo! somebody noticed you *thinking*. somebody noticed you focusing on something *not them* and saw fit to interrupt that and stop that in it's tracks!

back to community ho!

back to living with the herd...



uh, producing...


things to trade.

things to trade. things to trade...

for american music. for pharmaceuticals. for the internet. for cars. for i phones.

for sure.

it is a wonderful life?


uh huh.

oh please oh please oh please... the only reason i decided not to have kids of my own is becuase i wanted to look after everybody elses kids. all the kids everybody else choose to have and throw into the village... so the city could raise their kids.

at a little halfway house for halfway street kids right at the strategic location at the end of the road notorious for drug use and prostitution. i mean that's where you'd put it if you wanted to put a halfway house for street kids right?


right underneath me.

well just call me your bitch yo!




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