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Re: Dr. Bob alias Robert C. Hsiung I have an idea ert

Posted by alexandra_k on August 30, 2019, at 17:31:16

In reply to Re: Dr. Bob alias Robert C. Hsiung I have an idea, posted by ert on August 27, 2019, at 18:46:39

> with Facebook you can at least delete and edit your posts. That is a big difference.

you can alter how your posts appear to yourself and people you have friended.

i would be very surprised, indeed, it if was impossible for people with know-how to reconstruct the entire state of things.


i'm sure it is possible for people with know-how to reconstruct the entire state of your email construction. i mean... to replay your writing it in real time like watching a time-lapse camera replay.

word deleted here, word inserted there, spelling corrected there...

why wouldn't you think a similar thing goes on for your gmails?

i just mean to say that privacy on the interet is an illusion.

people have more or less know-how and know-how to access things more or less... but privacy is a dream, now...

all the persons voluntarily carrying around their internet surveillance devices. their phones with their fingerprint or their iris or whatever identification. it is a way of tracking precisely where they are on the grid at all times. every purchase they make. they even ask questions of google. like google is their personal internet therapist.

the only solution is to be a good person, for really, i guess.

i suppose it is a way of trying to bring the psychopaths into line.

which is better for us all then then there is no way to have the psychopaths brought into line.

this site arose pretty organically. i don't think Bob started out with a master plan or think that anyone had any idea of where things were headed, really.

science fiction was our best guess.

how people talk to google like it is eliza the therapist. how people would talk to eliza...

the data on this site is in an unwelidy form. it would take people quite a while to translate it into a usable format / to encode it. there are much much much much easier ways of fetching usable data than from this site, i would imagine. especially since now days the interest would be largely historical, i think.

facebook data would be much more useful than the data, here.

especially if people could be lulled into believing that they had complete control over their data over there.




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