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Re: Dr. Bob alias Dr. Robert C. Hsiung -I have an idea ert

Posted by alexandra_k on September 14, 2019, at 12:17:22

In reply to Re: Dr. Bob alias Dr. Robert C. Hsiung -I have an idea, posted by ert on September 13, 2019, at 11:22:24

> You know, Alex, Hsiung wrote that he understands that I want the control of my words. This is actually understanding. Maybe he didnt lie here because he possibly really understood that I wanted the control of my property but it is sarcastic, wicked and a misuse of power because he lied later on and in fact didnt let me the control over it.

If you want control over your words and you understand that Bob won't let you control your words here... Then why do you keep posting, here?

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you do keep posting, here. Keeping me company :) But I'm just trying to understand what's going on.

I have found stuff recently. Since I wrote my thesis about the UN and about how NZ hasn't been on board with the whole sustainable development goals and so on. More... Sensible seeming stuff. About our avatar. As an avatar. Also stuff about Google and Facebook. Helen Clark seems to have come back here, now. For a time, anyway. From her time working for the UN after serving as Prime Minister. She has been good with some of the things I have read that she has said. Peters seems to have vanished... He's being sent to talk to Trump, apparently. I wonder if he will come back...

Anyway, the Facebook thing... Apparently it is related to the terrorist thing in Christchurch. It was about Facebook taking responsibility for monitoring and responding to what people upload. So... International first responders. So... Defence contracted out. And there it is.

Recently my half sister was hospitalised for a time. Apparently she wrote a letter to the Queen where she sent a bunch of stuff and British Security contacted Police or whomever here that meant that she actually was hospitalised for a time in an attempt to help her.

This country really has been gutted in recent years. We don't have any kind of internal capability... Or something.

Anyway... My point is that it got me thinking and I realised that the security thing is probably a little more like immunisation than I was thinking it was.

I started to become suspicious about immunisation. Reading about the Tuskagee study of untreated Syphilis in Negroes and how people were intentionally infected to see what would happen. I started to become suspicious about different batches of vaccine being given to different communities and tests or trials of who knows what to who knows what degree or amount of foreseeable harm...

And I know that the whole 'anti vaccers' thing is... Advertised... Advertised... As being populated by a bunch of crazies...

But I also know that people are not honest about providing information about actual risks and rewards and the like...

And learning more about vaccinations... About how the live attenuated Polio vaccination isn't reccommended anymore because there was in fact discoverd to be a risk that the virus would revert to it's live form and produce the disease it was supposed to prevent... About how the live attenuated MMR vaccine is considered safe for people with HIV (so either low risk of reversion or, well, other things kill them first)... Reading about capsule vaccines... Then about immune response...

Anyway... The more I learn about it I was ALL the vaccines. ALL the vaccines for ALL the things. Well, not the live attenuated polio vaccine... But I marvel at the glory of the progress of science and medicine... And probably a little knowledge is a dangerous thing... But I guess my point is that it is a genuine shame that people aren't honest about the risks and rewards and so on. Because that would help... Help alleviate people's concerns.

We are having outbreaks of measles at the moment and people are wondering why people who have been vaccinated are getting sick...

Wooly jumpers are expensive overseas, but they are expensive here, too. Wool doesn't compare to the whipped plastic or whatever it is that is polar fleece. For insulation, I mean. Cheap cheap cheap with all those microbead plastics leeching into the waterways. I'm lucky I have a decent wool duvet which I like for the heft of it, a decent feather duvet which I like for holding the heat in but honestly even though I hate the thought of whipped plastic the snuggest thing of all is the polar fleece blanket.

But that doesn't change the fact that I'm breathing in cold air. The respiratory passages. Why it is that the body goes into hibernation mode. Everything feels numb. Cold. Shut down. It takes a lot of effort / energy to run ones body as a radiator. Trying to warm up the air with your lungs... The cold seeps in... It's more than cold, here, it's humidity, too. A damp cold. Mold in the cold prefers to be fungus balls of aspergillus... aspergilloma growing in the lungs.

Lung cancer is... Smoking is... Well... Smoking is maybe holding the aspergillous at bay a little?

There are probably other varieties of fungus, too. I wonder if pathologists have been characterising it... We know about histoplasmosis and coccidiodiodies and paracoccidiodiodies (spelling sucks but you get the idea) in the Americas... I wonder if someone has mapped regional fungus balls in New Zealand...

There's bound to be a longitudinal study...




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