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Which Shows Your

Posted by susan47 on August 28, 2009, at 23:15:23

In reply to And in our lifetimes too susan47, posted by Sigismund on August 26, 2009, at 21:14:23

That your are inevitably, as am I, as are we all every one, part of the problem. Everyone. There is no one whose being part of a "solution" is a bigger contribution than their simply having become part of the problem by simply being.
Just being, is the problem.
Because we have shown collectively and individually that we're incapable of change in the time we had allotted to us.
That is what we are left standing with.
And anyone who cannot see that is either hiding in his or her religion, and that is a very, Very Big Contributor to the Problem here, make no mistake. Make no Mistake.
Religion is a thief-in-the-night, religion will take what you call your soul and sell it to the lowest bidder ... the card that allows you to be complacent in the face of your dread mortality, the card that allows you to feel Saved, the card that allows you to think that this is not All there Is, and therefor the most important.
Religion is the thief who takes your desire to make the most of This Moment, and put it aside for later.
Religion is mumbo-jumbo for the simple-minded, and sometimes also for the strong-minded but weak-willed ... and I don't give a f*ck Who I might be Offending.
So either hiding in religion, or "faith", or self-given Authority of another type, perhaps academia .. or fake science.
And there are fake scientists. People who daily try to make honest scientists look dishonest ... there is a lot of fake science in our world, and fake people who believe the fake science because they are uneducated in the facts.
The facts being contained in the mirror, and the facts.
And the facts are, humans are slowing asphyxiating themselves in their self-created atmosphere.
And there's gonna have to be a whole lot more vegetarianism, and fast.
And people are going to have to give the thought of a "housecat" a whole new meaning.
And to be honest, I could just about murder any cat I see wandering the neighbourhood.
That is how much I care, and how human I am.
No less than you.
Take note.




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