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If you need to show your backside ... and it is a

Posted by susan47 on September 7, 2009, at 17:35:47

In reply to Re: Which Shows Your susan47, posted by Kath on August 30, 2009, at 18:32:42

back side, not on the frontal or the coronal or the saggital, but the dorsal view .. does that suit your offended sensiblities a bit more? I don't believe there was even this much aggression shown towards the absolute Criminal who (that? Surely, not a human being!!!) .. monster who posted his colon and gross, ugly droopy bag here for the world... sick slender-fingered smelly-holed of that it is certain, ring-bearing *ssh*l*, literally ...
so Kath and PC, who won't read anything Susan47 posts anymore because she might be triggered, and is too sensitive and delicate to have commentary about her photo, but no problem, apparently, putting a photo up here .. why do something so public and then not be able to handle the reactions of others? Did you think you would only get positive commentary? Really? Seriously? Isn't that a little egocentric, I mean, did it serve anyone to get that upset over my remarks? And no, I can't stand the fact that there are photos of people here at all, unless they're anonymous babies, and even then it doesn't erase what happened here at Babble -
if you have to stand with your back to the camera, my question for you is Why? Why Bother? Can't we have some beautiful landscape or flowers up there? Why do we constantly have to look at views of people ...what could one's motivating factor possibly be in having his or her own image on the site? Aren't there enough beautiful things we could be looking at? The other thing, why bother with a photo at all? It was hacked into once, couldn't it be done again?
Why take the chance? It seems extremely irresponsible of "Dr." Bob to be taking that risk. I don't care who says what, computers can be hacked, programs can be hacked, it's irresponsible and self-aggrandizing.
And why oh why, is this "Dr." Bob so silent and non-comittal, but still pulling the photo strings, still pulling the pupeteer's strings ... it's all about power.
I can start my own blog that no one would ever visit, and that would be really really depressing, but I mean I can see why it would look like too much of a responsibility to put your name on a site like this one. Too much work, too much hassle, not lucrative enough.
A physician's favourite word, in private, whispers upon whispers, moans and groans and grunts and growls ... lucrative, is this lucrative enough for me?
Is it good economics?
The fundamental problem with our societal structure .. morality gives way to economics, to religion, to politics ... the natural world, the mother who sustains us all, is completely sidelined and second-guessed and given NO RIGHTS whatsoever ... and people continue to kill and maim others, and create great destruction and evil ... and I disagree with Salman Rushdie's character's words, words that reflect something like this and I use this without permission but then, my words are so gloomy, why would anyone read them, no one reads what I write anyway, unless there is an opportunity to Take Offence .. and there are many, many of those ... Saleem Sinai writes... "if everything is planned in advance, then we all have a meaning, and we are spared the terror of knowing ourselves to be random, without a why; or else, of course, we might - as pessimists - give up right here and now, understanding the futility of thought decision action, since nothing we think makes any difference anyway; things will be as they will." ... I disagree that there's terror in knowing myself to be random, without a why .. in fact, there's great hope there, because I get to invent myself, to live in This Moment, Here Right Now ... and it is not true at all that nothing we think (or do) makes any difference anyway; things will NOT be as they will, because Fate is a human invention, a human-made idea, in the primal part of the brain a search for meaning, to bring life to our hallucinations, our dreams of being a warrior ... a turning towards a belief in something "greater" or "more powerful" than oneself .. knowing yourself to be powerful and able to do great and wonderful things seems to be too much for a very very many people to be able to handle in a Good way. Without a belief in a god of one religion or another. Without the need to take hours and sometimes lifetimes in ritualistic, often, very very often, warring practice. And it is true what Doris Lessing writes (once again no link to Amazon .. why the f*ck Amazon? Because it's the easiest, most convenient choice to link to? Are there no other online booksellers? Of course there are, even stupid little Susan knows that, there are MANY online booksellers who would LOVE to be linked into this site .. did Amazon strike the most lucrative deal? Why only Amazon? Don't even BOTHER to try responding to that question, I'm not interested in self-justifying b*llsh*t. The fact is, by being on this site one restricts oneself to someone else's idea of the parameters of the world .. this is television, this is movies, this is our culture, their culture, Any culture ... restrictively is how so many of us define ourselves, unable to look beyond and beyond, unable to imagine oneself capable of even the slightest change ... so much




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