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Re: blocked for 3 weeks susan47

Posted by Dr. Bob on September 8, 2009, at 4:48:55

In reply to Which Shows Your, posted by susan47 on August 28, 2009, at 23:15:23

> I'd like you to consider something; seeing the backsides of two people was a shock, considering that not too long ago, in my recent memory, in fact, within the last couple of years, there was a rear-end experience that many babblers had to see, unfortunately, and I was completely triggered by this photo and unfortunately, didn't realize it until afterwards. So that is why I posted it was unattractive. It was far too reminiscent of what recently happened here, which was a Crime. A true crime. A crime which was really really sick, and when I come onto Babble, I still wonder what photo I'm going to see.

Thanks for explaining. I'm sorry you were triggered, and about what happened here before. But I consider you-statements like:

> it was unattractive.

to be uncivil, whereas I consider I-statements like:

> seeing the backsides of two people was a shock
> I was completely triggered by this photo

to be civil. Here's a post by Dinah about the difference that might help:

> Religion is mumbo-jumbo for the simple-minded, and sometimes also for the strong-minded but weak-willed ... and I don't give a f*ck Who I might be Offending.

Please don't post anything that could lead others (such as those who have religious faith) to feel put down.

But please don't take this personally, either, this doesn't mean I don't like you or think you're a bad person, and I'm sorry if this hurts you. I hope that you choose to remain a member of this community and that this community helps you, if needed, to avoid future blocks.

More information about posting policies and tips on alternative ways to express oneself are/is in the FAQ:

Follow-ups regarding these issues should be redirected to Psycho-Babble Administration. They, as well as replies to the above post, should of course themselves be civil.



PS: According to the formula:

duration of previous block: 1 week
period of time since previous block: 2 weeks
severity: 2 (default) + 1 (uncivil toward particular group) = 3
block length = 2.86 rounded = 3 weeks




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