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No. If I posted only that which Did Not lead to

Posted by susan47 on August 28, 2009, at 22:56:26

In reply to Dear Dr. Bob, posted by susan47 on August 26, 2009, at 18:39:48

others feeling put down, etc., to finish the original idea. The idea is, I really don't care too much about others feeling put down if I think I'm telling the truth as I see it.
And I've always known people who back away from that because they just cannot handle it, they don't know what to say. So they say stuff like this,
WTF??? As PC posted to me on Babblemail.
And as America tortures and incriminates innocent people, and the Muslim world becomes more and more fundamentalist and angry, back-against-the-wall-stop-screwing-with-our-reality and leave us the F*CK alone
(although I am not Muslim, but I can imagine how one would feel, as America continues to push her self-given right to exert her self-indulgent might, what US Customs calls "Homeland Security" ... and that doesn't sound right, calling the US a "Homeland" is like the US trying to take the right of a person to have any other country named as my "Homeland" away .... it's too authoritarian, it's too obvious ... and we are all as a collective World just standing there allowing the US to do this to everyone, to finger the world, and call this country, this America, (as though Mexico and Canada were not also part of America) ... taking the right to call itself America and then now also taking the right to call itself the homeland.
My homeland is not America.
In the eyes of the United States government, who has yet another President who allows himself to be ignorant of all the under-the-table and behind-closed-doors things that happen in his own government ... in medaieval times, there was a system ... a citizen, an ordinary citizen, anybody, could be employed to check up on anyone performing a government service, and then report about their performance .. and apparently, this worked and it kept many many levels of governance honest.
We're so dulled and dimwitted now, we can't seem to see the value in anything that isn't programming our heads.
Blind, blind and stupid, and in the end, we will all get what is coming, and no mistake about that.
I am at this time writing from what we call a "free country".
And I know my opinions could be controversial and could get me into trouble, if we were to believe what we see on television, that wonderful mass marketer and promoter, if we were to believe what television is feeding us, it's possible the writer of stuff like this could become a hit target.
And I guess that's all we really are in the end, you know that, right?
In the end, we're a mass of meat and bone.
And that is really disturbing.
Because it means that the magic is ephemeral.
And we don't appreciate the Life we have.
We're buried to realities, here in this "Homeland", this "America" .. insulated and all trying to beat one another to the who gets to retire with the most toys Wins.
And Stupid, apparently.




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