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Posted by susan47 on September 7, 2009, at 17:58:08

In reply to If you need to show your backside ... and it is a, posted by susan47 on September 7, 2009, at 17:35:47

.... Doris Lessing knew what she was talking about in her book "Prisons We Choose to Live Inside" ... most likely, out of print, but a book more important to us as humans now than ever before, becoming more and more crucial to understand stuff like this, that there are people who Enjoy War, who delight in the killing, the maiming, the raping and pillaging, the blood, the adrenaline, the power. And the risk.
There are many, many people like this on Earth. Many. Too many. Training suicide killers and child soldiers, children raised to be absolute monsters with no conscience awakened yet, able to do great Harm.
And so it becomes ever more important to take one's individual power to do the right thing, to be non-warring, non-dominant, to begin an official plea for the sanctity of Life, to respect ALL life, the life of the smallest creature to the largest, the most seemingly insignificant plant, the abundance of the beauty of this planet's natural rhythm and life force ... but man is really so ashamed and full of enmity for himself that he will murder his neighbour with no compunction to do otherwise, should he find the right justification. We all take planes boats trains cars buses, and perhaps it is only the poorest of us who is the most innocent .. or perhaps not, perhaps the poorest of us sells his children or maims them to become more efficient (here we have, once again, economics, the economics of starvation filling the atmosphere, a pale stench compared to ours of greed and dominance and need of luxuries!) ... to become more efficient as a beggar ... we think we are so civilized in the white world.
We do well to remember this: there go I, and the Grace of God has nothing whatsoever to do with it.
Nothing. It is your own choice; why not take it and be remembered for being Good, for your graceful handling of that which you were given, remembered for being part of a Great Solution.




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