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BTW: Dr. Bob

Posted by susan47 on August 26, 2009, at 18:49:56

In reply to Re: blocked for week susan47, posted by Dr. Bob on August 15, 2009, at 1:03:26

I'd like you to consider something; seeing the backsides of two people was a shock, considering that not too long ago, in my recent memory, in fact, within the last couple of years, there was a rear-end experience that many babblers had to see, unfortunately, and I was completely triggered by this photo and unfortunately, didn't realize it until afterwards. So that is why I posted it was unattractive. It was far too reminiscent of what recently happened here, which was a Crime. A true crime. A crime which was really really sick, and when I come onto Babble, I still wonder what photo I'm going to see.
So you see, not all of us have forgetful memory banks. At least, not when it comes to some things.
And I would expect a supposed professional like you, "Dr" Bob, to understand something like this. I would have expected you to make some queries before indulging in some Susan-battering of your own.
Quite frankly, I am disappointed that PC has indulged herself in these hurt feelings because she made a decision to take this her own way. It is unattractive because it is much too reminiscent of something Very Bad, from a Sick mind, that happened on Babble, and it was triggering. Did I trigger something of PC's? Obviously. The same trigger lots of people have, and it's meaningless to take offence because you think someone else didn't see you as gorgeous. That was only PC's interpretation, I tried to make myself understood, but I'm not giving PC leeway to treat me like sh*t because she's taken it upon herself to be offended, in fact, I would rub that wound until she explores it and gives it up, life is too short to be offended that you think somebody doesn't want to see a picture of your backside.
The jerk who put his *ssh*l* and colon up here a while ago certainly wasn't offended that we thought it was the ugliest thing we'd ever seen. I'm quite sure of that.
AND I AM NOT MAKING A COMPARISON TO PC'S BACKSIDE!|!!|! It was a trigger. Does anyone get that???
Dr. Bob, I'm disappointed in you.
You're a lot more nearsighted than I gave you credit for.
But then, you're an administrator of a board, to me.
Nothing more.




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