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Please Read

Posted by susan47 on August 12, 2009, at 13:34:26

In reply to Please be civil/sensitive susan47, posted by Deputy 10derHeart on August 10, 2009, at 17:57:47

All I meant was, I am unattractive from the back as well, and I don't like looking at the backs of people, I much prefer the front, especially most especially lips and eyes, eyes and lips ... that's all I meant. I could link in a picture of my own backside but I know no one would appreciate that in a good way, better not to.
This isn't meant to disqualify anybody as being a top-notch person. I'm so sorry anyone took it that way. It's really interesting how many times people read something I wrote and just go into the negative, right away, without thinking or even considering (did anyone consider? did I? I was guilty of assuming others may have understood my real meaning. I was wrong.. again.) ...or even considering there may be another meaning, another intent besides the one they automatically considered, and didn't even have the inkling to consider there may have been something else meant, something else intended, the Bad thing that they have conjured in their own mind, attributed to an innocent person ... I've done the same thing.
I'm guilty of doing the same thing. I did not mean to harm anyone's ego. I only meant that I would much prefer, Prefer you understand, not demand .. prefer to see your frontsides!!! The bow, if you please. Not the stern, darling.
That's all.
And I completely understand why someone Would not want their bow placed in a public domain like this ... because of the negative, schizophrenic and probably also True, in the world today, because of the thought that they might be endangered by doing so.
It's a sorry thing. It really is.
But like I said, I've done the same thing in the past.




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