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This was a message board for mutual support and education. It focused on creative writing -- not that the writing elsewhere wasn't creative! :-)

That now takes place on the more general Psycho-Babble Social board, however, so follow-ups to posts here will automatically be redirected there.

Please feel free there to post your own fiction, non-fiction, and poetry; to respond to that of others; and to discuss the creative process and how it's affected by mental health issues. Links to images and music are also welcome.

Sorry if it's limiting, but even the creative writing needs to be civil. The usual rule is that you may submit a message only if you allow me unrestricted use of it, but in the case of creative writing that won't apply and I won't reproduce it without your explicit permission.

Feel free to search the archives or to check out Psycho-Babble Tips, listings compiled by Psycho-Babble participants of helpful web pages on various topics, including coping with crisis.

If you see a  [new] member, please take a minute to say hi. They might feel scared, and a warm welcome might help them relax and partake. And they'll be more likely to come back!

Don't necessarily believe everything you hear. Your mileage may vary. The only posts I take responsibility for are my own. In a crisis, please also get help in person. It's good to give as well as to receive. What you say may conceivably be used against you. Submitting a message gives me permission to use it as I wish. Please be civil.

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