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Re: still here

Posted by alexandra_k on December 11, 2016, at 3:41:14

In reply to Re: still here, posted by alexandra_k on December 11, 2016, at 3:29:37

and i just don't understand why it is that people want this place to be a reservoir for the stupid and nasty. a haven for all that is stupid and nasty in this world.

i sort of understand that a bunch of rich people want to send their stupid kids here... the kids who can't get into more than community colleges in the US (despite heavy parental investment)... they think if they send them to university here they'll be hailed as leaders...

and i suppose they'd be right. if they are stupid enough, it just might be so.

and that's about it, really.

aside from that...

there isn't anything here.

my last class... the first 1/3 involved their actually teaching us and assessing us on what we'd been taught. but that's about it. the other teaching staff expected to free-load off what OTHER people had taught people in OTHER classes. my major... it's a b*llsh*t major. doesn't have teaching staff assigned... doesn't have course outlines... people aren't of the perspective that it would be a good idea to have people really take onboard the standard stuff of the field (e.g., really internalise Kandel for neuroscience or Boron for physiology)... instead... it's about trying to get and keep the kids with the best stats... because nobody can afford a proper bio-statistician. so 3rd year physiology is all about who can make the prettiest graphs (something they don't teach you) and so on...

it's a crock, in other words. just enough rubbish to squeak by... nothing much in the way of intellectual honesty...

i don't know why i got it into my head that civilisation was further along...

i grieve for the loss of human potential

i feel... i waste my life here. i grieve for my loss of human potential. you get people who want to work... and they aren't allowed. somehow or other people have convinced people that they must ignore those who want to, they must ignore those who are motivated, they must instead try and get something for nothing (bio-staticians out of thin air) or must instead pick and invest in the stupid and ill motivated somehow or other in the name of 'equity' most typically...

and people just collect data... like astronomical data prior to the copernican revolution. like behaviorist data on hen pecking etc prior to the cognitive revolution. think that somehow stats will sort things out and lead to revolutionary advances in the field? The only kind of progress we care about / understand...

there isn't really anything left of 'university' in the university. it's just a glorified tech. worse than... not turning out competent anything. just... idling by a few years of childhood... getting people deeper into debt...

i'm really rather sick of here.

i made a bad decision in coming back / starting over. i thought things were a meritocracy and they aren't. working hard... being smart... just makes the kids of rich people look bad and nobody wants that. nobody with any power. that's how pro-social / concerned with humanity / homo sapiens people are... about that...

i don't know that i particularly want to live in that kind of world. the way that world is. plenty of people seem happy enough with it... good luck to them. i didn't ask to be here... not like this.




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