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Re: still here

Posted by alexandra_k on November 6, 2016, at 0:53:22

In reply to Re: still here, posted by alexandra_k on November 6, 2016, at 0:16:54

I think things are getting worse in this country. I think things got worse during my time away. It was hard to say... Since I moved to different places so a direct comparison was hard... But I think things have gotten worse.

I think things are better here than they are in Auckland partly because here is further away. Further behind. When things are heading in a bad direction then it is better to be further behind.

But the same elements are here. The building construction is going on. The building construction that was finished in Auckland. The 'Dental' building they are calling it here. Because here nobody talks about 'Medical' ever - people use 'Dental' as a code word for 'Medical' and 'Medical is code word for allied health. People who have 3 year degrees in Occupational Therapy who write prescriptions for old people to put higher wattage bulbs in their reading lights. That kind of thing...

Once the buildings have been constructed... My guess is that enrolments will skyrocket. Residential high rises... We will see... They will follow along, yes. And you'll have a plywood partition student ghetto.

'Culturally appropriate' and 'equity' are code words for 'nobody gets anything'. It would be 'racist' if you were to suggest that this wasn't the best strategy. For example, to keep a prisoner in a cell by themself would be inhumane solitary confinement. On the other hand, to keep a bunch of prisoners together in an open floor plan where they can freely hit an punch etc each other would be 'culturally appropriate'. They are talking about 'culturally appropriate' education... One can only suppose they mean 'education' that doesn't involve... Reading, writing, arithmetic. 'Education' that doesn't get people skilled so as to design, build, maintain infrastructure like clean drinking water, sewer systems, electric and telecommunications etc etc etc. None of those things are culturally appropriate, I bet. We would rather nobody had them. IN the name of equity


Infant mortality went down.

You can't exactly take that back. Well, you can... But I don't see that happening. I don't understand how people would prefer to forgo aged care... Would prefer to keep starting over and over and over and over and over. Keep ignoring the wisdom that has accumulated... Keep trying to reinvent the wheel. Or the axel. Or the ballbearing. Or whatever...

Politics. It's best to stay the hell away from indigenous politics. I think that is probably it. I mean, it isn't like non-indigenous politics is fearing so very much better...


I keep thinking about those locusts. How they thought the swarming ones and the non swarming ones were different species because their morphology was so different. I mean, one was green and the other was black. And the behavior was different... Some would swarm and devastate crops. An immense pest. The other were solitary. Just hung out by themselves and didn't cause such harm with their foraging.

And then it was discovered that they were the same species... And which developmental trajectory they went down depended on their early life experiences. If they got their little hindlegs stroked by paintbrushes then they would grow up to swarm. If they were crowded by things that moved they would grow up to swarm.

I think people might be a bit like that.

I don't know.

I'm tired of having to justify myself to... Of having to explain myself to... Of having to beg for what I need... I'm tired of people putting me with the wrong group of people... I'm tired of people trying to make me feel guilty for not fitting in well with the wrong group of people...

I wish I were rich enough to have my own space. It would be a 'mansion'. The idea would be to have a house... Where I could open the windows and have trees and happy birds. Where I didn't see or hear other people. Where I could invite people over if I was lonely or go out and meet with people if I was lonely.. But where I never had to interact with people. Then you go from your private garage out your bolted gates to your private parking building. So you don't have people taking photos of you and tagging you on face book without your permission etc, you see.

And I would like to help people. I would like to learn... I mean... I'm on disability... The funds I get don't depend on my studying or working... But I choose to voluntarily... Because I have a genuine desire to learn... To help people, even... (Not to write them lighting prescriptions or to be 'we' on demand to be swamped...)

Public spaces...

It's all gone private here. I really do think... Most everything... Has gone private. The public spaces of the world...

People take photographs of hospital food and upload to facebook. People take photos in gym public change rooms...

Decimated desert ...

surveillance children...

giving all their keychain access to every passing van...

We have been taken over. WHoever controls the infrastructure is in control. Of course that's got something to do with the 'culturally appropriate' education. If I say this I'm going to sound like a horrible human being... But US exchange students and junior lecturers I've met... WEre not the brightest... Community college kids... Of wealthy parents. If you had a not very bright kid it might well make sense to send them here... When you choose between psychopathic or stupid plausible deniability... Positions of leadership... They'll fit right on in...

It doesn't feel like we have control of this country any more... If we ever did. I don't know. I see Australia receeding and that scares me. Perhaps because Australia is doing so well... England is receeding too... Bye bye laws... Laws for the benefit of the citizens. I'm trying to think of when we have passed those... Rather than for the interests of business. Probably written by the businesses lawyers. Probably to help disguise the fact that nobody in this country is capable of writing law...

My heart sinks...

I don't feel very happy here. Not today. I don't feel safe here... The noisiest bullies always win.




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