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Re: still here

Posted by alexandra_k on September 4, 2013, at 23:45:04

In reply to Re: still here SLS, posted by alexandra_k on August 24, 2013, at 18:19:28

well... i gave (2 weeks) notice of where i am living. it needed to be done. it is the last of the cutting ties with the whole physiotherapy thing that didn't work out. with the whole... failure to respect (no - f*ck that, failure to *admire and actively encourage and support*) my decision to prioritize study.

i was ambivalent about whether i had done the right thing. but the internet is still down and they are like 'we've let the provider know, we can't do any more about it' - which isn't alright for me. and... there is a 17 and a 19 year old girl across the hall and... they like to chatter and giggle and play their music... and i'm not in the position to be a role model for them right now (i just need my space to do my thing). and the commute into the city costs a lot... and the time taken to travel... and it makes food hard, as well... and then the drain got backed up - i thought it was the storm water. but then the toilets were out of action so, no, more serious problem with the sewerage. which reassured me i'd made the right decision. things did end up getting put right within 2 days... but i honestly didn't know whether that would go the way of the internet and i can't live like that...

haven't heard back from accom about halls yet (my undergrad uni)... i have a couple places here, in the city to look at. insofar as they are a quick walk to uni library they might be feasible even if they are utter dumps. the library here is turning out to be a wonderful place to work. this is the time of year where the students either knuckle down or vanish... i am... getting into the swing of things here... though food is hard... i need to spend significantly more time sorting out shopping and cooking to bring lunch and dinner...

i got f*ck*ng waitlisted for bio-medical science major. which of course means... that i want to do that. for sure. 200 places for the best of the high school science kids is the idea of that... then i think there are around 120 places for medicine, so the odds actually look quite good. except 1/3 of places are reserved for grad entry applicants so looking harder again. and now there is the other undergrad health science pathway so things don't look so good (though apparently not many have come from the latter pathway - i'm guessing because they don't make the grade cut on the 'overlapping 4') we will see... if i don't get a place in that then i have to enroll in a bachelor of health science (demography / social psych). i suppose they will make that decision for me. i might ask them why i got waitlisted since the high school kids haven't even sat their end of year exams yet. how are they planning on comparing my MA and university GPA for philosophy / psychology / education / english with the high school kids physics, chemistry, biology (etc) exam results? it is too early for them to have processed my application, i would have thought (my applications for other majors and other degrees haven't been processed yet). how dare they process me so quickly onto a f*ck*ng waitlist!!!!! what does it mean?

there are quite a lot of self contained studio rooms "just over the fence" (one of the many) from my old uni. lots of spaces as the kids get overwhelmed and drop out... so... i'm not panicking that i have to move... i guess it might be nice to stay here in the city after all (with the library turning out to be so nice)... student advisory here gave me 2 places to check out... otherwise... temporary stay with mother while I find something 'just over the fence' I guess...

either way... life is good. the toilets are working again. thank f*ck*ng god.




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