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Re: still here

Posted by alexandra_k on November 28, 2016, at 3:04:05

In reply to Re: still here, posted by alexandra_k on November 28, 2016, at 2:45:31

oh. i think i did mess up the multiple guess. because it really did feel like multiple guess. it felt like they had... gone fishing.

we got asked about x.

and i said 'in the lecture you said this about x'.
'but then in the lab you said that people weren't thinking that about x anymore, instead they were thinking this other thing'.
'so it isn't clear to me what to think about x'.

and you can say that in essay.
though i don't know that you get any marks for it.

when people were bickering about getting certain multi guess questions wrong at Auckland she was like 'well that question was a high end distinguisher because only whatever percentage of people got it right'. but the problem was that people were complaining because while one was obviously false and while two were fairly obviously false to most the problem was that nobody could come up with a reason why one rather than the other was considered correct. not the people who got it right and not the people who got it wrong. the question didn't seem to distinguish between a random element.

the questions felt like they were fishing, again, between two. i know when all goes well with a question that it should be a high end distinguisher between 2... but what you want is for people to go 'aha!' once it has been explained... and for someone who got it right to be able to explain it. here... questions are withheld... so... that's exactly what you don't have.

but you do get to see which students are predictive of... 'high end consensus' or something equally meaningless. i don't know... perhaps the students from st freaking somewhere all get told 'when you can't distinguish then choose the sequentially first' or something so that all their scholarship kids agree...

i don't think things bode particularly well for me here, anymore. there isn't much university left in university. i walk into the building... this lovely historic building... with this huge flatscreen on the wall flickering advertising at me... i walk up one flight and there are two huge flatscreens on the wall flickering advertising at me... the whole campus is just a huge billboard advertisement... it's dirty and filled with too many noisy students... keeping them busy with busywork of click click clicking their surveillance devices and tagging each others faces for the software programs... all the things we learned about the addictive aspect of gambling... the modern day assembly line of click and paste and copy and paste and check connection and type password and click and paste and wait and update... and it's better for our health than working in the factory... except people become obese and have feet problems and back problems and ankle problems and knee problems and cancer problems...

it's really rather nasty here.




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