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Re: Dr. Bob - I have an idea

Posted by alexandra_k on August 24, 2019, at 19:22:39

In reply to Re: Dr. Bob - I have an idea, posted by alexandra_k on August 24, 2019, at 19:16:35

It is about power at the end of the day.
Because people do not listen to me.
I have to try and justify myself constantly to people not particularly amenable to reason.
I have to suffer the consequences of their terrible and less than optimal decisions.
Their decisions affect me.
My decisions are really (often) no skin off their nose.
Except for their preference to be Lord and Master of everything and to micro-mismanage everything worse if they can get away with it...

People don't even have the capacity to tell...
At the most basic level.
They can't tell it when they see it.

I am sure there are other people... Like me...
But I am cut off from them, here.

Human connection isn't someting that I'm going for / looking for anymore...

If only I could find people willing to follow good rules...

People here can't even parse good rules.

There aren't good rules.

Can't tell the reason for the rule...

Swampy swamp swamp swampy swamped in teh swampy swampy swamp swamp

At least everybody's in this together (whethe rthey like it or not) ho!

People moved on from Babble...

Realised what was going on in thier neighbourhood wasn't that bad...

As the people swamped to the internet the internet people were released back out into the world.

I imagine.

You can tell the people now.

The people who were huddling over their computers / phones before.

Now that the masses are huddling over their computers / phones they are the ones breathing in the fresh air of the world...




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