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like sands though the hour glass

Posted by Lini on July 23, 2002, at 12:29:03

Jeez, is it just me, or are things pretty boring around here? I have tried going away for a few days and coming back to see if there is some place that I could maybe say something supportive, but I have to say, I can't find too many places. I haven't tried most of the drugs on PB, PSB is full of mango talk (which I am allergic to) and PFB just seems to be the same "type" of posts. So, I am here, on PBA, letting who ever cares, know, that this site is getting dull.

I do however have a couple questions for Dr. Bob and crew:

1. Why is the advice to simply ignore posts that you find offensive? I mean, don't you have to read them first, thereby paying attention to them, to know that you're offended?

2. Why on a religious faith board are people not allowed to say what they actually believe. Wouldn't someone that shared the beleif find that supportive? I happen to find MOST of the stuff on PFB to be contradictory to what I beleive, and therefore not particularly supportive to me personally. But if the support that is being offered is actually for the people that share similar beliefs or as a way to explain and therefore understand other religions, than wouldn't people have to explain their actual beleifs? And if their actual belief was that Santa Claus, and only Santa Claus, can deliver presents christmas morning, for example, why can't they say that? What exactly is the purpose of this board?

3. And does Please Be Civil also mean please don't make fun of someone in a subtle way? Or please don't point out the outrageous? Or, please don't EVER get frustrated and express it? Or please don't ask other posters a question more than once?

4. Have all the people that said they were leaving come back? Why do we threaten to leave when we're pissed (I've done it) instead of either leaving, or staying? Is this some psychological thing?

5. Where is Zo?




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