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Lou's response Beardedlady's post beardedlady

Posted by Lou Pilder on July 25, 2002, at 8:25:06

In reply to Proselytizing mair, posted by beardedlady on July 25, 2002, at 7:40:52

Thank you for your interest in this discussion.
I do understand your concern about proselytising. And I would also not want proselytising, for I do not want to belong to any religion. And I am not trying to get someone to join any religion.
I beleive that there is , however, proselytising on this board. It is the total thought that there is , possibly, a great benifit to be a person that uses psychotropic drugs to , perhaps, have their depression go away.. There are posters extolling their drugs. They tell of how they take them and how they help them with their afflictions. They defend taking them on the grounds, in some cases that I have read here, that it would be better for them to aquirer tardive dysconiesia, or to aquierer an addiction to the drug then to not take the drug. They talk about their theripists, psychiatrist, hospitals,and drugs all costing a huge amount of money. They go from one drug to another in a quest to find the "magic bullet" that will cause their depression to go away. Some do not have the huge amt. of money and time requiered for this journey into psychopharmacology. Yet it is allowed to be promulgated here with the exemption to the rules for proselytising. They that advocte the taking of psychotropic drugs, in my opinion, are proselytising the drug world.
Now I am not asking for any money, and it will not cause anyone to spend humongous amounts of money to travel the 7 Gates on the Road to the Crown of Life. They will be in no danger of contracting a movement disorder, or Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome and die. They will be in no danger to gain weight or sweat profusiously at night. They will be in no danger of instatnly dieing from a heart attack. They will be in no danger of kidney failure, liver failure, or a blood disease that kills you. They will not have memory loss , tinnitus or vision anomolys.
I went to a funeral yesterday. A friend of mines wife just died of a heart attack. She had gone into depression and was given an AD. He looked up the drug and found that it caused heart atacks in the people that took the drug before it was approved. He was familiar with my advocating the outlawing of these dugs. He said to me, "Lou. I am now gong to fight those drug companys that make these concotions of death till the day that I die. "




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