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Re: I have posted to Dr. Bob krazy kat

Posted by jane d on July 25, 2002, at 17:31:20

In reply to I have posted to Dr. Bob Lou Pilder, posted by krazy kat on July 25, 2002, at 14:19:02

>You have acted cruelly towards me, Lou. I not.

> And, please, please, consider going elsewhere so this board can a sliver of a chance of getting back to its old self. I, unfortunately, don't think it will be able to recover completely, but it would have a chance if you would leave.

> - Krazy Kat, sad that a place that was a haven, a place to exchange information and ideas, to help each other through REALLY tough times, is no longer there for her and many others...

Krazy Kat,
I'm shocked by your post. You accuse Lou of cruelty but then go on to ask him to leave the board? That is cruel. I understand that maybe you want to turn back time to some earlier point on the board when it had been discovered by fewer people but I don't see how asking someone to leave does that. I don't think this was ever the kind of place where one person could be kicked out because they annoyed (or even infuriated) other people. No matter how important to the board those other people seem to be. Doing something like that would change the nature of this board far more than anything that has happened yet.

I'm sorry that you feel this board can only be a haven to you if you can exclude certain people. One of the things that I value the most about this board is discovering things in common with, and receiving support from, people who are completely different from me. So different, that if I were in charge of creating a private club I might leave them out. I think it makes the support you do get here that much more special. It does not just come from people you have an instant feeling of affinity for. And, if you really need to be a part of a more restricted group there are tons of private groups and it takes only a few minutes to set up another one as was just demonstrated here.

I hope you decide to stay. I've missed you in chat and I will miss you on the board if you do decide to go.





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