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about your support and encouragement » Lou Pilder

Posted by IsoM on July 25, 2002, at 16:46:17

In reply to Re: I have posted to Dr. Bob » Lou Pilder » krazy kat , posted by Lou Pilder on July 25, 2002, at 15:10:21

Lou, could you clarify what you mean about your comment "that all of us are striving for the same thing"? Could you clarify for us why you wrote KK that you "do not want you to go elseware" but you offer her no support other than
your "experiences"? If you do not want her to go elsewhere & you do not support her choice of helping herself through the use of medication, how would you help her? How would you support her? Is it by KK choosing to experience what you experienced? (Notice I carefully didn't say that you had told anyone they had to choose your "road"?) Now what if she doesn't want to experience "healing" through the same experiences as you have had? Are you prepared to offer encouragement to her despite making a different choice that you don't agree with? Or do you propose to either ignore her, or instead find ways of subtly maligning her? If I wrote about my experiences I've had with medications, some bad, some excellent, & how if a person was to experience these same things, especially the good effects from the good meds, it, too, could help them overcome their depression & their need for believing that only faith & religious experiences could overcome their problems. That doesn't mean that religious experiences aren't a good thing to have. It doesn't mean that being spiritually minded can do a person harm. But by finding the right medication, they could lead a fulfilling life without using their religious experiences as a crutch, thinking that it was the only avenue of emotional & mental salvation. They could see what true spirituality is without the need to eschew all medications. It could provide an alternative to those who may think that if they can't feel better through spiritual means, that somehow they're at fault & not thoroughly confessing their sinful nature & opening themselves to spiritual healing. Could you clarify why you "object to posts that claim that only people tha are members of christiandom can be saved" but we can't object to why you claim that those who are depressed & haven't been helped by medications can only be truly helped by turning (or following or experiencing) what you've experienced? Can you clarify why you "believe that it my duty to object to those type of posts. And I also believe that if I do not object to them, then I am endorsing them, and I do not endorse them" but that if we object to similar posts of yours that claim that medications cannot completely help anyone without causing all sorts of horrible side effects & "millions of deaths" (your quote) that we're using you as a scapegoat? Are you saying that thousands of well-meaning & trained scientists & doctors who have worked for many, many years to find methods of treating & helping people have not done so out of the goodness of their heart but ONLY with profit in mind? Are you saying you question the intentions of all these people & that by experiencing what you've experienced they could've saved themselves a lot of time & money, especially if their intentions were good? Do you mean to say that any one who works in conjunction with any pharmaceutical company, or any hospital, or is a doctor, or nurse, or other health practionar who uses psychotropic medications for their patients are doing so to their harm? Why have you been so focused on undermining the sincere efforts of others that have posted on PB about the benefits of medications that have helped them AND that others have asked about? Are you questioning the improvements that others have felt with certain medications as wrong & instead discourage those who have felt better by telling them that they, too, will suffer the consequences & side effects of these drugs without cheering on & supporting the improvement they've felt. How can you possibly think that by telling them they're going to suffer harm long term & so should seek alternative methods through the similar religious experiences that you've had, & that still have not been completely explained (& few, if any, seem interested to hear it completely explained) that you are supporting & encouraging them? Could you clarify for every one reading how you possibly could think that posting your experiences, off & on, over a period of 7 months, picking up & retelling many of the same experiences, posting innumerable complaints over what has been perceived by you as slanderous posts, objecting to the choice of words, or paths others have mentioned, & quibbling about other, mostly minor, details has been supportive or encouraging to all, or for that matter, any one else? Can you clarify for us who are curious why other sites banned you & why your family & friends left you? What reasons did they give you, if you wish to share it? No pressure to answer that. Could you clarify for us know why something so wonderful as you have experienced had such an effect as being so forsaken by so many other people? Could you clarify why this experience that made you a better, more understanding person wasn’t evident to others? Could they not see your light shine & give glory to God & want these wonderful things for themselves? Could you explain why your family & friends didn't embrace your experiences & rejoice with you if they cared about you & loved you? Couldn’t they see that even if these changes weren’t that evident to them spiritually, that there was also more to it than simply a spiritual side? That they, too, would benefit physically & financially in the long term too? What possibly could’ve proved a stumbling block for ALL of them not to rejoice with you & wish to share your joy? Why has it been that your family, friends, & people from other boards you were banned from all felt the same way? Strangely, here in the PB boards, no one has taken up your experiences & joined in with you. I wonder what it is that we don’t see that you seem to see so clearly. And too, I wonder what you don’t see that we are seeing.




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