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Re: I have posted to Dr. Bob Lou Pilder krazy kat

Posted by Lou Pilder on July 25, 2002, at 15:10:21

In reply to I have posted to Dr. Bob Lou Pilder, posted by krazy kat on July 25, 2002, at 14:19:02

I am sorry that you are accusing me of calling you anti-Semitic.
If you read my posts to you, you will see that it is what you are posting that I object to. I object to posts that call the religious leaders of Israel, "hypocrites". I object to posts that offer links to anti-Semitic web sites and the posts that say that the post is funny. I object to posts that defame other religions also, such as Islam. I object to posts that you say the religious leaders of Israel, the pharisees, were attributing the works of the jesus that you are referring to , to the works of satan. I object to posts that claim that only people tha are members of christiandom can be saved.
I believe that it my duty to object to those type of posts. And I also believe that if I do not object to them, then I am endorsing them, and I do not endorse them. And Dr. Bob has already indicated that we do not need to know the person's intentions to object to them.
I am commited to giveing my support to others here by offering them an alternative to drugs to overcome their addiction and or depression. And there is an obvious attempt here to have Dr. Bob declare that what I am saying is proselytising, and thearfore , I guess, not allowed here.
Now when I was a teacher, a little boy painted a swastika on the door to my room. At the time, there was anti-Semitic harrassment directed to me by others. I turned him in to the admin. and he said that he was only being funny.
There was a hearing and the student lost and recieved the maximum discipine. He lost becaue it was rulled that reasonable people must look not a far distance ahead, but only a short distance ahead. And the student knew that I was the only jewish person in the school and should have known that his act would be construed by a reasonable person to be an act of hate.
So, KK, I consider that your posts in question , could be construed by a reasonable person to be defaming to jewish people and there are people looking at these posts that do not post here that do not and can not know you intentions. So I can not and will not let any posts here that defame any peoples go unanswered by me.
I would also like Dr. Bob to step in here on this matter. For I havn't acted cruely to anyone here, and I am astoished that anyone would raise that stone at me.
You are advocatng that I be off this board by " considering going elseware." I do not want you to go elseware, for I believe that all of us are striving for the same thing. But we all see things in a different light. But that does not mean that one has to leave that sees things differently. And I am not the cause of your afflicton and you day that my leaving, to you, would give you a chance to recover. I believe that if you continue to discuss with me , then you will have a better chance to recover.
KK, you say that I am the problem. Is this a refference to using me as a skapegoat?




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