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To: kiddo, judy, wendy, Dr Bob, et al

Posted by Angel Girl on July 26, 2002, at 14:16:10

In reply to Re: resorting to blocking again :-( Dr. Bob, posted by Angel Girl on July 26, 2002, at 12:16:05

I would like to clarify my previous comments so that they are not misinterpretted.

First I will quote something said to me on PSB:

I hate to see you be so upset, over what you perveive to be squabbling. Some people are taking the accusations to heart, and some are really trying to say: the board is floundering, and we are concerned. There is one person who baits others, and it hurts, because the site was helpful and necessary to a lot of us... Now it's just a hollowed-out wreck of what it used to be.

<end quote>

I have NEVER considered this situation squabbling. I understand EXACTLY how all the particpants feel and I feel the same. I'm in total agreement. The point I was trying to make is that I DO support the ones that are trying to get themselves heard and are hurt over accusations BUT what I CAN'T understand is WHY Dr. Bob would choose to not see how much damage is been done. I have stayed out of this situation up to this point because I really don't like confrontations or to get blocked. But right now I'm in the black hole and I don't care anymore if I'm blocked.

My point is that so many people are NOT being heard and that one poster seems to be able to post whatever the hell he wants, which totally disrupts the boards and accuses people of being anti-semitic (sp?) and yet gets away with it all. People's feelings are very hurt. Anger has been expressed, good long-standing posters have gone elsewhere and for what????? So that Lou can post about his gates and riders and crowns???

Why does one poster have so much power on this board that he finds a way to get through the loopholes of Dr. Bob's rules and all at the expense of everybody else????

I support you all. I hear what you're saying, I feel what you're feeling and I do NOT understand how Dr Bob can choose to sit there with blinders on and not see what is happening.

At this point I don't care if I get blocked or banned for what I say. I agree with what a couple of others have said, if Lou would leave the board then MAYBE things could get back to normal. I don't see him talking about his gates, crowns, city of peace or his experience as being supportive. I'm sick of listening to the same experience over and over again.

I've seen others being told to not keep repeating what they've already posted but yet that is never said to Lou. Why is that?

And I don't understand Lou. He says that he was told that he would not please everybody by telling of his experience but that God will be pleased (paraphrasing). Would God be happy that he is alienating so many people from getting REAL support and hearing some other approach that would be far more received than the repeated City of Peace experience that is continually told in installments and he is yet to even finish.

My heart goes out to all those who have been accused of something they are not, to those who are hurt and angry and to those who are not getting support and for those who are not being heard.

I choose to leave, not because people are speaking out, because I totally agree with their concerns, heartache and anger, but I choose to leave because Dr. Bob refuses to do anything about it. Instead he chooses to ignore the plights of the majority of posters. Yet he wants this to be a place of support. When will Dr. Bob support those who come here???

So again, please if you have the strength left in you to fight your battle with Dr Bob, I urge you to do so. You have my full support. But I am not going to stay on a board where one person can create so much havoc at the expense of so many others and continue to get away with it because it falls on deaf ears.

I hope you understand where I stand on this issue. I'm on YOUR side.





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