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I have posted to Dr. Bob Lou Pilder

Posted by krazy kat on July 25, 2002, at 14:19:02

In reply to Re: Kid_A's 'anti-semitic' post Lou Pilder krazy kat Lou Pilder krazy kat , posted by Lou Pilder on July 25, 2002, at 13:06:51

You have acted cruelly towards me, Lou. I honestly hope that you are a sincere person, but I must say that it seems at times as if you are not.

Please don't call people anti-semitic when you don't know them. Please don't start answering posts and then stop answering somewhere along the way, leaving a person who is potentially suffering hanging.

Please be careful with your comments about people being addicted to medications and suffering from depression because their psychiatrists have failed them. This gets into dangerous territory, as has been discussed here before. Some people might stop their medication believing that your "road" will solve their problems, will somehow cure this medical illness. You have said that you say to consult their Dr.'s first. Well, people do not read every thread, every post of your, and you do not say this everytime. Therefore, you are creating a dangerous environment for the mentally ill.

And, please, please, consider going elsewhere so this board can a sliver of a chance of getting back to its old self. I, unfortunately, don't think it will be able to recover completely, but it would have a chance if you would leave.

I realize I am overstepping the definition of Babble civility here, by asking that, but I am happy to be blocked again, just to get it out in the open. People are afraid to actually say it because they Will get blocked.

Some posters who have stayed here seem to think those of us who have questioned things on admin and (mostly :)) left, are angry and are causing a ruckus just to do so. Everyone needs to consider that we are also hurt and very, very sad that things have come to this point. Keep in mind, that this recent "war" started after we left.

Lou, you are the problem. I have been asked - is Lou the problem? Yes. Yes, you are. Again, I fear that even without you the board will not be the same, but the downfall is your doing. It is your fault.

If that does not convince you that at least one person, who initially tried to converse with you civilly, is at their wits end with you and, because of you, this board, then I don't know what will.

Please do not reply with questions - I am not going to clarify this further and probably will not have the chance to anyway.

I sincerely hope that Dr. Bob can somehow bring things back together again. I really do, so that others can have this place for support, even if I cannot.

- Krazy Kat, sad that a place that was a haven, a place to exchange information and ideas, to help each other through REALLY tough times, is no longer there for her and many others...




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