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Re: Kid_A's 'anti-semitic' post Lou Pilder

Posted by kid_A on July 25, 2002, at 20:34:57

In reply to Re: Kid_A's 'anti-semitic' post Lou Pilder krazy kat Lou Pilder krazy kat , posted by Lou Pilder on July 25, 2002, at 13:06:51

I haven't been around this board much, do you wonder why? Perhaps you should, perhaps you should consider the ramifications of your very actions on this board. For all intents and purposes you have without question ruined what used to be a welcome community. You have been responsible directly OR indirectly for multiple bans, inclusive of ones wrought upon yourself.

I'm not going to mince words here Lou, I don't think that you are a very healthy individual, I think that you have substituted your instability for a para-religion in a delusional sense of fitness of mind.

Why did you come to this board? Do you have a messiah complex? Do you long to 'save' people from their illnesses by suggesting that they stop their medication? I don't think I'm the first person to say that in this forum that is perhaps one of the most irresponsible and reckless lines of thought that one could posit. Many people here rely on their medications just to get through the day and deep in my heart I truly believe that if they took your path and tried to follow your convoluted eternally unfinished tale of salvation that they would end up suffering worse in the end.

Lou, you play the victim so well, despite the fact that I have told you that I have Jewish relations you still refer to me in so many words as an anti-Semite, laughably you've also said I was anti-Islamic, you got a block for that as well, I recall.

I don't speak for anyone but myself, but many people who I have happily made acquaintance with here have left this board because of its entropic nature as of late. Again, I can say honestly with clear thought that this board has slid down a slippery slope since you have began posting here. I'm sorry if I offend you with those words, well in all actuality Lou, I feel no shame at all in saying those words, they are without question truthful.

Lou, I think you need to evaluate your own mental state. I think that you need to take some time and think about yourself and decide if you have only pulled the wool over your eyes all along, perhaps the emperor wears no clothes, perhaps the doors to heaven and hell are identical and unmarked... What have you unleashed upon this board Lou? The answer is a contrived and meaningless para-cult-religion that has helped no one. In the early stages of your posting, you even questioned people as to why they did not want to hear the rest of your story. The answer is simple Lou, one could pick almost any other religion or para-religion that has some sort of structure and following and it would make miles more sense than your ideals. Yes Lou, I am questioning your beliefs, I am by all rights defaming them.

Your words mean nothing to me Lou, you mean nothing to me, you are a cancer on this community and you should leave. I anticipate being blocked for this post, but It scarcely concerns me, even though I would love to continue to keep in contact here with all I have met, that seems impossible now as most of them have left, though thankfully they reachable elsewhere. Perhaps you have not noticed the mass exodus in the twilight hours of your ramblings; but this does not surprise me, you seem only concerned with your rights on this board, not the feelings or ideals of others, you only look for people to agree with you, not question you, and when something can not be questioned its reduced to meaningless dogma.

At a time when I needed the most help, when I had lost a very dear friend, I had to suffer through your unrelenting attack on this board and consequently it's destruction. I blame no one but you for this Lou. True, the administration, whom I have tried to appease in the realm of civility could have perhaps done things differently, but until you there has never been much need for any such actions to save a dying forum.

I'll leave you with those thoughts Lou, though I doubt they will sink in to your head. Perhaps there is no room left, all that is there is your reality, one you have created to save yourself. Have you considered perhaps, that this reality is your's and your's alone?


I do apologize Dr. Bob, I am angry and disappointed that a place I used to take refuge at has fallen apart. My words above are tinged with anger, in truth it comes from my heart.


With one long breath, caught and held
in his chest, he fought his sadness over
his solitary life. Don't cry, you idiot!
Live or die, but don't poison everything...
--------from an early draft of Herzog
---------------by Saul Bellow.




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