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Re: Empty

Posted by susan47 on July 31, 2009, at 16:49:52

In reply to Empty, posted by Joan797 on August 6, 2006, at 0:16:13

> Now it's your turn. Describe yourself.

Temperature: 32 degrees Celsius out; 27.4 degrees Celsius in.

Music: Il Divo, "The Promise", 1. The Power of Love (La Fuerza Mayor)
2. La Promessa
3. Adagio
4. Hallelujah (Aleluya)
5. L'Alba del Mondo
6. Enamorado
7. Angelina
8. The Winner Takes it All (Va Todo al Ganador)
9. La Luna
11.Amazing Grace

Mood: Decidedly. And Everywhere. Always. Thinking, Feeling, Being, Remembering, Knowing, Loving. Always.

Activity: Washing car/posting to Susan47, now Susan52, in reality, Susan52. Must change, must be current. In spite of edging psychosis .. edging ... edgy. Edgier. I Love You.

Understanding: What Makes Life Beautiful, and Special, and decidedly (loving you in spite of yourself, in spite of myself, I love you.. yes, you. You. There was never, never any other. Why? Because what makes life beautiful, and special, and very decidedly ... what is the word, where do I search, where will my soul (!) take me? I tell you, it is magnanimously ... bittersweet .. the tragedy and the bittersweet triumph of this moment, is that this moment is all that I have, or will ever have ... and in this moment I choose you, and I choose love, and no matter I will never see you again although that is my personal tragedy I suppose it is your personal triumph ... what makes me love you, is that you and I are ephemeral. Here today. Gone tomorrow. But I wish not, I hope not, and of course this is a lie ... but were you or I to live forever, life would lose all meaning.

And in the grace of my complete giving, and listening with all ears opening, I have chosen Love. In all its' greatness, in all it's completeness ... love completes us all.

You fool. I wish you could see with my eyes, if only you could see with my eyes ...


What it is, is life is a temporary state. So very fragile. So very awful for so many, that poor man imprisoned in Guantanamo, the shame of the United States, that poor man imprisoned, he Innocent, the unfortunate circumstance of being Afghan, in the wrong place at the wrong time, imprisoned ande tortured and made to confess against his will, to say an Untruth when the Truth should have been obvious to anyone with a brain, but the United States Army has no brain, it has no heart, it has No Brain.
This is unfortunate. The United States is a predator, and those who say so may not be silenced if they are on the right side of the fence; however, we have seen firsthand and we continue to see this predator eat all others, gobble up those in its' path and leave a wake of ruined detritus of humanity, and choose to cover itself in Height and righteousness, and Might, and the United States chooses to exert its' self-given Right by its' schizophrenic Might, the United States is itself a country run by the schizophrenic-minded. And more religious people are now reproducing than atheists or agnostics, and look at what Margret Atwood wrote, her book may yet be closer to reality than any of us would be willing to admit, or to see, because we have chosen to blind ourselves to the reality of what our lives have become.

CD Player: Bose.

Volume: A comfortable 75! To hear music, one must close one's eyes, be safe, and completely Immerse.

Activity: Washing the car, a very old car, a very reliable car, a car I almost kill myself in sometimes falling asleep on the way to work or back, and next ....

Moving. Again. Once again, I fashion a home for myself and my loved ones in a new community; but happiness and fulfillment is found in every moment, with friends, with family, and away too. Far away from all of you, from the sickness of society ... down the river pop and juice and beer and wine and cooler boxes and bottles and cans and garbage .. people aren't what they used to be ... for the most part we are a people of irresponsibility for the next moment .. giving up before the job of taking responsibility and Loving that, Enjoying the Privileges we have ... no we can't seem to do that can we .... we need to conquer the beauty of nature with our garbage, and our (Yes!) feces ... what a sick society we have become ... mankind is closer to degradation now than he would have wished to be, had he been able to see the future ... darling, future generations, your children's children and perhaps your own children are now saying to themselves, "What were my parents and my grandparents thinking? How could they do these things, the Alberta tar sands, the onconscionable giving away of the natural resources they had, and leaving us with so little ... and the need to survive ... and they had it all, giving us in return. Giving us in return. The Sins of the Father ... so many people now willing to hide in religion, to continue to justify their blatant misuse of the good earth, the only true god they would ever know .... my parents were so ignorant."

Rant. I don't care. I see what you don't. I do.

Am I manic, am I insane, is my mind making connections from the reading and the listening and the talking and the immersion in my world that I can finally lay claim to ...
It was through loving you, that I came to love myself.




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