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But, hey

Posted by susan47 on September 7, 2009, at 0:46:18

In reply to Re: On A Day Like Today, posted by susan47 on August 25, 2009, at 12:12:21

the most amazing thing of all is that now I feel emotionally sturdier. Something shifted insde me, something changed .. and I can take more pain, now, and not let it forever blindside me, make me take a bender to the Down side, the downside, the down side of the wind .. is that right? Sailing. For a whole week. With my friend and some of our children, in the sun and the wind and the rain even. Covered in bruises, mostly in the legs, as usual a klutz the first time out .. but learning fast, and doing better, and getting it back, getting the joy in there now, feeling the wind and the sun and the rain and the lake on my face. Sitting in the duckweed with my joint and my thermos of water, eyes closed, listening, listening. The birds .. only about four different types. There should be more.
Swish of flying bird-wings. Swish, splash, something splashed in the lake out there, the wind is from the NE right now .. the sun is dappling the waves over to the other shore, I smell lake water .. fresh and slightly dampish, a bit like a wet rag maybe .. motorboats, jetskis .. ugh. We are the only sailboat on the entire lake, that we have seen.
Incredible. Terribly, terribly sad, so many of us dependent on engines of one type or another, so few able to take the wind and let Nature help us in the way we're meant to use her .. looking up at the mountains from the valley lake, and seeing clearcut after clearcut after clearcut .. not so long ago there was no law, no rule requiring logging companies to allow for streambeds .. even today the corridor is far too narrow .. nature has been raped, pillaged by us, so that, as my brother so eloquently puts it, we can wipe our *ss. Toilet paper, the rationalization of my very own brother, to rape and pillage the land he's been given, the one we've all been handed over to take care of, to treasure and to linger over the sweetness of what is Here for us ... we've almost exterminated the wildlife, in fact, I'm quite, quite sure that logging has been directly, absolutely directly responsible for a huge loss of wildlife ... birds included, birds of all kinds, included in the raping and pillaging .. the first by logging, the second by the use of the very same population of people, that includes most of us, by the use of boats and cars and trucks and fifth wheels and trailers and mountain bikes and ATV's (THIS SHOULD BE OUTLAWED) .. these country stupid folk and lots of city folks too make no mistake, most people have become a HUGE part of the second wave of hostility upon our natural world .. the only world we have .. we are so unbelievably blind and selfish and Knowingly, KNOWINGLY BUT CHOOSING TO BE F*CK*NG BLIND ... it should be a law, an absolute LAW that we cannot put our sh*t into water, period. Composting toilets for everyone. Period.
Criminalize the use of the gasoline engine.
Stop transatlantic flights.
Full stop.
Let the earth breathe.
It's too late.
Too many of us see all of the above as our right.
And we are so, so wrong.




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