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Re: But, hey

Posted by susan47 on September 7, 2009, at 1:00:28

In reply to But, hey, posted by susan47 on September 7, 2009, at 0:46:18

No, criminalize the use of diesel engines too and all kinds of engines that put emissions into the air. Period. End of the matter.
Like hell. Like that would ever, ever happen. It never will, we actually have the right to conduct all kinds of terrible, terrible business children stolen so young they haven't had time to make an irrefutable bond to their family, children indoctrinated as soldiers killers monsters, monsters in the guise of .. no, monsters full stop, with a pregnant woman in front of them, they play a guessing game as to the sex of the child the woman is carrying ...
and they tear open a living woman's belly to reveal the gender of what was to be her child,
what was to be her life.
What this world has become since I'm sure man first stood, is a living hell.
So important to know her guises .. so important not to be lulled to sleep, to allow these horrible, horrid things to happen, and we have, and we do, and so many people have no f*ck*ng idea.
So many people who choose, who actually say, like my own son, a child of mine, an "adult" like so very many, who actually says they don't pay any attention to the news because it is so sad.
If we all continue to close our eyes to what is happening in our world, of course terrible things can happen, and do happen and will happen because quite apparently, the nature of man is very, very ill. There's supposed to be a lot of good people in the world, a lot of people who would be willing to sacrifice for the good of the world .. but I honestly think they're very, very few. If any. We like to think we're better than our parents and grandparents, who let themselves be blind to what was happening in Nazi Germany.
Well, we're even worse.
Look around you, man.
Look beyond your own backyard.
Can you do it?
Will you?
Okay then.
I suppose your children will have to pay the price.
Is that okay? Because it's not you?




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