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Re: big f*ck*ng bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 20:13:14

In reply to Re: big f*ck*ng bullies, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 20:02:16

i mean...

take a look at the new zealand medical journal...

take a look for yourself.

i can't because 'institutional access' is not granted to me.

so i can't comment on anything that is published there.

but quite a few things have been published there about how they torture the medical studnets during their training. requiring them to participate in unlawful and unethical practices and (even going so far as to) require them to write essays on how they felt participating and engaging in those practices.

they require them to write confessions, of sorts. to be held by the university.

i suppose they are coached in the appropriate moral attitude that they are supposed to be feeling. or what it is that they are supposed to say about what it is that they have done if they are ever asked to explain or justify their actions. if it were to come to that.


going into a surgical theatre room (scrubbing in) with various people in the room. including a group of alleged or supposed medical studnets and who knows who or what else.

to listen to someone talk about how you can push a scope up through the vagina all the way to the ovaries!

then different people get to 'have a go' at driving the scope. they need to be observed performing a 'cervical smear' examination before they will be signed off as having completed their internship for the OBGYN rotation.

what are you supposed to do? what are you supposed to write about what you have done?

what operation are they doing? replacing a hip? broken arm?

did you speak to the patient first? did you get consent to be in the room (as a medical studnet)? did you get consent to perform an intimate (cervical) exam?

what do they teach them to say? in the ethics class?

they just document that these things happen to medical studnets and patients year after year after year after year and the medical studnets get to write about these experiences in their ethics classes.

they see which of them have a conscience and which of them have a sense of entitlement.

and on the basis of things like that... they intentionally select for the next dr leeks and dr green...

so as to arrange for the torture and so on of the new zealadn people.

specifically targeting vulnerable people. specifically targeting maaori and pacifica. specifically targeting people from lower socio-economic groups. specifically wanting, so far as i can see, to incapacitate, weaken, sicken, injure, disable... as many people within new zealand as possible, really.


we are supposed to believe that we can train people, like that, for the public health system.

and that they 'love' their parents and their parents colleagues and cronies and 'friends' or whatever such that they will actually provide competent and caring medical care to the overlords when they are sick?

or maybe we think that there will be more control and accountability, there.

i don't know. you put enough people on pay-roll and you literally watch them doing the operation to make sure they aren't taking turns gang-raping the person they managed to immobilise with anesthetic...


what evidence is there that there is anything here?







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