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Re: the problem with marxism etc

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:39:39

In reply to the problem with marxism etc, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:24:54

and he's going to need to re-define merit before he will see merit in anybody or anything other than himself.

when i was visiting the centre for bio-ethics one of the guys there was promoted to professor. after working there for however many years. probably he died. i guess that's what happens when they promote you to professor. so you never get the professor salary -- right?

he gave a talk as he was made professor...

it was about 'our common humanity'. it was about commonality in the human experience that we could see across cultures. even if you didn't speak the language... you could tell good... art. genuine smiles. things like this. that there are people there. empathy. compassion.

one of the questions this guy asked when a visiting professor came from the US is how come japan was not held accountable for atrocities committed in WW2 the way that germans were held accountable in internatioanl courts. Why did the Japaenese people get a by or a pass?


Peter Crampton was like 'well you are being made professor. it is about time. hey. usually when I introduce that someone has been made professor i start out by saying all the funding and research funds that they have brought into the univesrity for the grants and awards and industry nad so on. but i won't get to do that here hahahahhahahha'

So peter Crampton... where do you get the money, then. what money do you get? what money do you bring?

Did you get rid of my application because I did not pay you? the various people who I took to court for unlawfully removing my application from the applicant pool... All of those people... I was supposed to pay money to. Is that how it works? And then maybe the University gets a cut or gets part of that.

And that pays for your job. ANd their job. And that gets revenue or funds for the University.

Because they don't have application fees for the public universities of NZ. Students don't pay $80, say, to the university for processing of their paplication. we do that so it's not financially prohibitive for people with merit to apply.

But you don't distingusih between merit and paying you off. do you?

the interview...

they intentionally notify people of the requirement to attend an interview (both auckland and otago) with not much time in advance. so the flights and accommodation are expensive. also during a time when tourism is lowest during winter.

they must get a lot of money into the economy from their in-person interview requirement.

which was why they would interview me when tehy had no intenton of offering me a place.

it was particularly insulting, however, that they chose to get Rose the Australian to accompany me (an actor, i suppose, who found me from message boards)... So she could tell me all about how she worked in aged care in australia and hadn't spent much of any time in NZ at all and then tell me that she got an offer of place so I was required to say to her that I did not.

I guess... What...

I post here of things I would like... Like to do. Accomplish. Achieve.

And then the world happens to throw in my face a parade of people who say 'I got to do that and you don't get to!'

Is that supposed to be motivating and inspiring for or to me? How am I supposed to respond or feel?

Am I supposed to be a fan-boy? 'oooooh that's so cool. You are so cool.' and then me want to hang abou them.

I think maybe that is it. Maybe they think that I don't really want to do or accomplish those things. Rather, I want to secondarily live vicariously or something. If my kids can be forced to do the things (irespective of what my kids would want for themselves) then that will be adquate consolation for me. Or something like that.

I do think that that is what tehse people who don't think overly much think.

I guess because they likely get a kick out of mis-managing everybody else There are people like that...

They don't really want ot do anyting for themslevs except order others about.

Not sure what to do about them or those...

Particularly when they are lackign in empathy...

Engineering or building or something? mastery or authority over... objects. things wihtout independent will etc.

I suppose...




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