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the problem with marxism etc

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:24:54

In reply to Re: peter crampton, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:14:29

the problem is creating a division and then overthrowing one lot only to replace them with another lot doing the same thing.

so, the idea of 2 teams and vaccilation between who wins.

everybody throws around the words 'game changing' but nobody really seems to know what it means...

i am not wishing that the present elite rulers with all of the money and all of the power to do whatever they want quite irrespective of normal standard meaning readings of international and domesetic law.. i am not wishing these people to be imprisoned (necessarily - htat really dependds on the extent of their crimes against humanity)...

i'm not calling for the present leaders to be re-cast as underclass or not persons.

i'm asking specifically for fairer distribution. for us all.

that's a different thing entirely.

presently people have so much power (for whatever reason) that they are not following the rules or the laws.

they think they are because of the corrupt judges and their unwillingness or inability to parse the laws.

what part of throwing away an application prior to selection from a selection committee (for the purpose of preventing and prohibiting the selection committee from selecting on teh basis of merit) is okay?

they say that they were trying to save the committee time by pre-culling grotesquly unsuitable candidates obviously and clearly lacking in any merits.

it was put to me by the courts.

of course it was.

that's the kind of gaslighting that they do to people.

if i was so obviously and clearly grotesquely unsuitable... then i'm sure the medical admissions committee are big enough and ugly enough to make up their own mind about that (and be responsible for their own decision).

i think it highly likely that peter crampton is hired by them so as to be first in the firing line if someone does in fact question their selection processes. i would imagine that may be the case. i don't know..

i don't know what the medical admissions committee would say because they didn't get the application at all.

in nz it is like... there are some peple with capacity and power. but then there are people just on the outside of that circle or whatever.. who lord over the underlings... and won't get anything from the underlings to the attention or whatever of the hihger ups. it si impossible for the common man to know what is going on at that top level.

i mean...

who actually made chris hipkins the minister of everythign? sure, he seems to do a good job. but other people are capable of doing a good job too and he can't do all the fuckign jobs. let someone else have a go at doing a job too. people with demonstrated ability...

and they won't do it.

they didn't see merits in whatever her name is... the lady who helped progress various bils...

they just wont' do it.

if you look at who they do see merit in.. there's a superficial look. white. or, if there is an ethnic element or aspect... there is an anemic look. white maaori like shane reti (does he bleach his skin or just stay inside a lot)? that kind of a look, i mean to say... winston peters.. tolerated...

it's just garbage output. from peter crampton, i mean to say.

he gets ALLLLLLLLLL the air time. ALLLLLLL the publications. he gets ALLLLLLL the medical journal publications etc. He lords above us all dictaating his party liine as the only person with speaking rights. pretty much.

if you don't like it then leave. right? f*ck off out of this country.

peter crampton immigrated here when he was 12 to be lord of the maaori.

and tehre it is.




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