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Re: big f*ck*ng bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:59:46

In reply to big f*ck*ng bullies, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:49:30

they refuse to allow objective and independent merit assessment or judgment.

that shows that the problem isn't that they need to 'redefine' merit.

the problem is intentional corruption.

the problem isn't that the st peters of cambridge kids look more meritous than the other kids because they have had every advantage in life...

the problem is that despite them having had supposedly every advantage in life... they still don't appear to have more merit.

and so then all the lengths and steps and so on that need to be done... to ensure that the st peters kids of cambridge (or the children of the doctors or the children of the administrators) take up all the training places in teh professional programmes...

well that's out and out corruption.

he isnt' trying to increase representation from under-represented at all. he isnt' trying to create a fairer system at all. he is hired into his role for his role in preventing and prohibiting the developmetn of a fairer system.

that's how it is that the university of otago has, what is likely to be THE MOST CORRUPT medical selection practices of any university in the english speaking world.

maybe tied a little wlith the University of Auckland.

Harlene Hayes has moved from the University of Otago to the University of Western Australia. I don't know if this is a new thing or if they always had... But UWA is saying they will offer Medical Training Places (as in medical degree training places that don't cull more than half the students from the programme at the end of the first year) straight from high school.

So that the kids of the private schools can pay whatever amount of money so that their kid doesn't have to do 1 year of 'it's soooo cmopetitive' lets' rape them and deport them... let's fail them for population health because they are independent thinkers... let's fail them for chemistry because they didn't pay the private tutors for the answers to the particular questions....



the lengths they go to to steal organs and such. i suppose. to arrange for the untimely death of people who are... inconvenient.

i don't believe that most governments are blatantly building gas chambers to pull the teeth and shave the hair and mass exterminate people before their time... but one by one by one by one by one... how much evidence do you need?




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