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big f*ck*ng bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:49:30

In reply to Re: peter crampton, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 18:48:07

i mean, he won't engage with peers.

he won't go along to international conferences where there are other people in comparable positions to him (power wise or power struture wise).

where people can really question the work he's doing. the assumptions and so on. where people can really critique and encourage him to develop and extend and rethink and so on...

he won't write for international audience, either, so far as i can see... where people can respond to him in print etc. where there be a dialogue.

there is no dialogue in nz. no conferences and the like.

when he talks everyone is expected to say 'yes sir yes sir yes sir'. they will need for him to die so that they might have a chance, actually, to say what they think. to raise concerns or objections or whatever.

to be chosen as the single over-lord whose opinions will become the new party line that nobody else can question or critique or...

there aren't universities here. there isn't intelligent... anything.

we pick one person out to be the author the authority of whatever.. and then nobody else is allowed an opinion. nobody else gets a say.

apparentlty aht would confuse the message and people are too stupid.

there's a basic or fundamental misunderstanding of what academia is supposed tobe about. how specialist things function...

nz academic leaders are... supposed to be leaders of underlings. lords above ignrants. prescribign the way things must be to empty vassals.

if peter crampton doesn't like what i have to say then why not publish what i have to say and write a fuckign response to what i have to say, then? be a man about it. a big person. do that, then.

if you don't like what i have to say then come along to my oral examination tehn and say what you fuckign think and why then and give me a f*ck*ng chance to speak to your face mr big man.


well then just throw my work away then. hoard it. mull it over for yourself behding closed doors. then take the bits you want and ignore the bits you don't or won't or can't understand... and just ignore my existence completly and utterly. just take all the things like that and pretend like the author of that doens't even exist. just plagarise into yourself everything you want and force that person out and away and shut that pereson down. lets' criminalise them. lock them up and away. tell everyoen tehy are crazy.

mr big man.

show the world how big you are.





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