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Re: peter crampton

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:04:09

In reply to Re: peter crampton, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 18:48:07


everybody knows...

that peter crampton is the individual with the most of the merit. of all of the people who has the most of the merit, that's peter crampton.

so he gets to decide who else has the most of the merit.

and he doesn't see any merit in maaori. and he doesn't see any merit in people that the people who saw merit in him saw fit to incapacitate and injure and so on.

and so he thinks that 'merit' needs to be re-defined.

but that doesn't really make any sense...

because of the lengths that he goes to to remove applications from the applicant pool. there are particular applications or applicants that he does not want going before the medical admissions committee..

the only reason that makes any sense about why he would see fit to remove them is because he is concerned that the committee will think that the applicant has merit and they might select them.

by removing the applications he is removing the applications of the people who he thinks actually do have merit.

because he wants too be maaori lord of the maaori head in charge of his programme for their provention and prohibition of development.

insofar as i can see.

i've seen him 'help' maaori studnets into publications. where he puts the words in their mouths, i suppose. educates them into his world view.

where he tries to show them off or display them as not being independent thinkers. as being plagarisers. as not having very sophisticated or developed ideas.

for example, a paper he had a few of them put their name down on that got them so far as utilitarianism as a basic moral theory...

refusing to speak about human rights.


the nz government won't allow talk of human rights.

because the nz government will not get with the programme of workign to uphold the rights of the people.

it wont' do it.

when it comes to rights of indigenous people etc the only way they will hear of it is as a plea for segregation. exclusion from presently existing justice or education or heaalth systems or services. those systems do not serve maaori. will not serve maaori. if you don't like it -- then set up your own systems (where you do not have access to resources or training).

that is the way the government will hear od the issue only.

my thesis was not acknowledged as received. i was not given qualification. because they didn't like what i had to say.

what are they -- 3 years old??

apparently so.

which makes me without merit.


they do so much worse than rolling the dice.

when a place like a US school says 'we have 80 times as many applicants as we have available places -- it's sooooo competitive' then the next question is: how many applications did each studnet put in? if the answer is 80 then it isn't sooooo cmopetitive at all. there's about a 1:1 match there.

NZ says that application to medicien is sooooo comeptitive that they have about 3 x as many applicants as places in the programme.

but the education act says that tertiary education is primarily for 20+ year olds. that they are 'eligible' to be enrolled in programmes they have applied for.

but the unviersities have a preference for teenagers so they throw away applications from 20+ year olds and use discretion they believe they have to enrol 18 year olds in the medical programme.

they would rather 18 year olds be performing abortions and euthanasias and cervical smeaers and prostate examinations. anesthetising people and so on. they would rather choose the youngest children.

they think that younger people have more merit in qualities they cannot train.

let's give them their '3x as many applicants as places available' (they bloat the numbers by including teenagers they don't have as many applicaitons from people 20 years an dover)...

how many times do peple apply before getting a place?

apparently in Canada people apply an average of 3 times (over 3 years) befor ehtey are accepted.

So... the univerities get 3x as many applications as there are places..

and there are 2 universities in nz. and some of the applicants apply to both in the same year. and many applicants apply over 2 or 3 years...

i don't see that it is sooooo cmopetitive.

they also encouage people to apply when they ARE NOT eligiblel. thtey encourage first year studnets to apply early in teh year -- and then they bully them into dropping out of the university entirely before the end of the year. so they have all these applicaitons they recieved from studnets they bullied away by failing them for chemistry or failing them for public health or raping them and arranging fo rthem to be deported...

and then all the ones that peter crampton throws away...




so you can be forced to give a cervical examination (for example) to someone who is anesthetcised who you did not obtain consent from prior to their being anesthettised...

so you can scrub in to operations that you did not get consent to be there...

so you can be in the theatre with... who knows who. there fore reasons of who knows what...

so you can see things on the tray that shouldn't be there not on the tray at the end.

so you can see that they REFUSE to do the surgical theature list piolet safety thing for the obviosu reason of


and incompetence. but mostly because of


they play dumb and stupid. and people like peter crampton say 'not socio-culturally suitable for the nz people...

but they can't pretend to be so in-bred (when it comes to their vision or their ideas) for so very very much longe...

teh surgical checklists... for example..

it's isn't stupidity. it is corruption.




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