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peter crampton

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 18:44:43

so this is the guy who immigrated to nz with his parents from england when he was about 12.

i think most people put up with him as leader of the maaori (leader of the prevention and prohibition of maaori development) at the university of otago because they (wrongly) believe that he, himself is maaori. he has a bit of a 'white maaori' look about him and he speaks esporanto maaori.

he was one of the people who thought he was entitlted to throw away applications to medicine or professional practice health degree programmes so as to remove any possibililty of that studnet being selected on the basis of the medical selection commiittee's perception of the merits of the student (or on the basis of their rank order score when there was no interview).

what they do is they throw away any applications they don't want until they end up, basically, either forcing the places to go to particular studnets else forcing the places to be returned to the general pool (so as not to go to maaori at all).

presently they care about experience of the health system a lot.

htey care about expereince of the health system SO MUCH that they require studnets to declare any experience of it prior to selection.

they use the information for the purposes of excluding candidates on the basis that they have expereince of the health system.

they particularly want ot identify people who have the expereince of things not being good or okay... who might be motivated or incentivised to wanting to help it be genuinely better...

so they can ensure that those people are never ever ever ever ever selected to be part of the corrupt practices that we so very very much want to selcet for.

dr green and dr leeks (people involved in torturing and abusing children and people involved in observational studies where people died prematurely from being told there was nothing wrong with them) are ones who are most valued by Professor Crampton head of the Maaori at University of Otago (who trains half the medical doctors who nz acknowledges as haiving been trained in NZ).

they go out of their way to throw away all the other applications from the other applicants so the medical admissions committee is forced to select from amongst the applications that he has deemed most likely to be party to his agenda.

you can read fo ryourself the high court judgement of Roe v University of Otago about how the High Court Judge (pulled out of retirement for precisely t hat occassion) decided that the Queens Counsel that the Univesriyt of Otago decided to hire (precisely for htat occasion) was correct htat there was absolutely nothing in the Eudcation Act or any Statutes of NZ to prevent and prohibit the Universtiy of Otago (and various meployees susch as peter crampton) from collecting up disability information prior to selection SOLELY FO RTHE PURPOSE OF EXCLUSION OF OTHERWISE QUALIFIED CANDIDATES.

in nz disability means incapacity. if you have experience of ill health it means you have been successfully incapacitated by the nz government. exclusion when it comes to professional career etc. it means you lose. you lose the health game. you lose the wealth game. peter crampton is a winner at life because he declares that various people have lost. you see? you see how it works?

how it fails to work?

would you like to pay the University of Otago money to expediate your entry to medicine? the first person you will want to offer your bribe payments to is peter crampton. So that your application might possibly be given to the medical admissions committee.

of course andrea howard also needed to be paid off.

i suppose if you try and submit an applicatino for yourself (you need to start by emailing htem to request permission to apply / request information and then they will give you all the names of the people you need toopay off along the way.

of course paying them is no guarantee..

but failing to pay them is failing. clearly. it's fatal.




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