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Re: and another gym bites the dust...

Posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2018, at 22:24:00

In reply to Re: and another gym bites the dust..., posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2018, at 21:46:55

People who don't work in gyms don't typically try and tell me what to do, anymore.

When I went to the Weightlifting gym, here, the guy did start up... But with an ideology... As a test, I think.

Now that Crossfit is cool we have cues like this:

Jump jump jump with the weight!
pull pull pull the weight as high as you can!
get your shoulders well forwards in front of the bar!

And so on.

The last is particularly problematic... Depends on your lever lengths. Depends on whether you plan to lift the weight in the first pull with your back extension (that's how you get meaty lumbar erectors) or whether you plan to get your *ss under it and use leg extension (that's how you get to train without injury over the long haul).

I think he probably started trying to spout false ideology at me in front of his other lifters to see how I would react.

I said (quietly to him) that I was aiming for something different. Getting my hips down on that first pull and primarily using glutes / leg extension on that first part of the lift.

There's a fukcing lengthy as hell dialogue about that between.... I can't remember who... Two American lifters.

At the end of the day...

There's a lot of people going on about modeling and the assumptiosn they build in are so fragile / problematic... You don't want to get lost in that (is what I've laerned most recently from physics this year).

Don't waste time with it.

Of course it's physics at the end of the day but physics (of the sort that you do for years and years and years and years before gaining any real proficiency in it) is so idealised and based on such tight assumptions that don't really hold for the sort of macroscopic system that we're dealing with. conceptual physics.. some sort of gross level understanding: yes.

but generally... there's a sort of experimentation that you can do on yourself in gym conditions and that's far more relevant at the end of the day.

He said I would have to do a few competitions per year and I could get a key to use the gym 24/7. I guess that means I passed the test... Maybe I should go back there... I hear it's become really popular now. They platformed teh whole floor (so you can drop weights wherever you like). I would prefer to see a tidy row of individual work stations (and clear and explicit rules about not walking in front of people who are lifting, not getting in people's clear zones and the like). but... that level of organisation is not possible here.

i guess i'm learning (slowly, the hard way). training at... 5:30am. sigh.

They did have an eleiko women's bar... And I managed to identify it and pull it out when it was hidden right at the very back in a heap far behind a stack of all the other bars... Even with identifying information (the end) removed... Yeah...

I don't see why we should have to hide. It's not fair.




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