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Re: and another gym bites the dust...

Posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2018, at 22:45:30

In reply to Re: and another gym bites the dust..., posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2018, at 22:36:13

Drug regulation is an arms race...

I'm not sure how I feel about it.

On the one hand, sport is supposed to be competitive.

I mean, it goes without saying (in my book) you don't break the rules. If the rules say x and y and z substances are banned, then you don't take x and y and z substances.

But when people have made substance q in their basement. Taken it themselves. Logged that they seem to be improving faster than usual. Given it (or sold it to their friends). They seem to be doing better, too. Want some? It isn't banned (yet). That genuinely isn't breaking any rule.

Is that wrong?

I don't see how.

Blood transfusions... For the cyclists... All the benefits of altitude training! I think that one is dodgier. Partly because of the issue of where they got the blood. If it was donated (paid or otherwise) by people who thought it would be used to save a life.... That would be wrong. If it is your own blood... That's a bit harder. But rules say: No. Not cool. So there we go.

You can whine and complain about how many underwater Dolphin kicks FINA lets you do on your breaststroke pullout - but thems the rules. You can similarly whine and complain about whatever banned substance being banned: But thems the rules.

The substances that there isn't rules about?

I really do have a certain kind of empathy for the idea that: Game on. That's what drives innovation. Innovative techniques in teh gym (hey lets try sets of 6 instead of 5 and see how that works out for us) and innovative medications, food combinations and whatever, too. Yeah.




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