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and another gym bites the dust...

Posted by alexandra_k on November 1, 2018, at 14:55:08

Well, that's a bit sad, but there we go. Another gym bites the dust.

And I went along for months just paying for a day pass and things were great. Nobody got all up in my business. Nobody seemed to be oggling me or trying to corner me for a yak yak yak yak. Nobody seemed to mind whatever I was doing...

Until I joined. Then around one month later (I sort of want to say 'predictably' for the New Zealand environment) people decide it's time for them to get all up in my business.

I really don't think I am over-reacting, at all, to being very insulted by this person telling me to put clips on. I never put clips on before. There is a wall list of rules and having clips on is not on that wall list of rules.

Someone scratched up the screen of the elipital I had been camping on. I think it might be slighly grandiose to think that it had anything to do with my usage of it... But on the other hand, it might not be.

I met with the gym manager today. I really wanted to like him, but he's a tool. What do I mean by that... He had already made up his mind that I was some hysterical woman. But it is unclear why since what happened was someone asked me to put clips on and when my reasons weren't accepted, I left. I started with a calm explanation of that to check we were on teh same page... But he was of a... Naughty girl / drama mindset. Which is actually insulting, still... So...

I'm thinking of most of the conversations I overhear. They all have a dynamic of people trying to control each other with shame and guilt. People calling other people selfish. People worrying about whether their actions are selfish. That way people who call others selfish (or raise the issue of their possibly being selfish) means they get to control the actions of the person who is self-less enough to not want to be selfish.

That's the dynamic.

So when they say 'no dramas'. Like I'm making dramas. I pretty much know for sure that I'm not making dramas. See... It's clear: Either I can lift, or you guys are going to be all up in my business. If you are going to make up arbitrary rules of 'put the clips on' then what's next? Don't lift it over your head? Don't squat below parallel? Don't move dynamically? Whatever arbitrary rule they make up...

I'll see about getting a refund. That wasn't what I signed up for.

No dramas.

Dramas would be... Continuing to train there, after that.

I went to see swimming this morning. 7am. People drop their kids off early. I see. That's why some people get to do swimming. Because their parents pay for them to go to swimming. From 7am or from 8am or after school from 3-5 or whatever. It's a form of... Babysitting. How many coaches / instructors to a group, I mean. How much work vs yak /screaming and carrying on.

They actually open at 5:30am. The bullies chase people so the people need to work earlier and earlier and earlier and earlier. People need to be out of there before people are up to drop their kids off...

I gotta look into getting my own barbell. I've resigned myself to having stuff now. If I move... Stuff has to move with me. Not heaps of stuff, but select items. A mattress I like. Some kitchen items. A barbell will have to be added to that.

I feel like I need to join a gang for gang protection if I want to appear in public or I always become a target.

Awful country.




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