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Re: and another gym bites the dust...

Posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2018, at 5:41:31

In reply to Re: and another gym bites the dust..., posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2018, at 5:27:52

And it wasn't about the biggest names in the field. Though there were some rather well-known names...

It was about the *quality* of what they had to say (as assessed my me) and about what they said being *informational* and not an *ultimatum*.

It was about being able to watch a video (side on or front on or some combo) of a lifter doing a lift (at slow speeds even) and read a thread where different people said different things about what they thought was wrong with it / about what they thought the person needed to work on.

It was about people posting videos of themselves doing pull ups or deadlifts or kettlebell swings or f*ck*ng whatever. It was about people saying 'bro, do you know you have massive lumbar erectors!!' or 'you look like you need to stretch a bit, dude' or 'why don't you try something for your rear delts? Or whatever...

It was about (much like what Babble was about for me) the ability to get different bits of information and take responsibility for how I was going to move my body moving forwards.

I resent it when someone interrupts my own focus on what I'm doing to offer whatever falls out of their pie-hole. Because I am thinking dammit and are they that damned sure that what they have to offer is better than what my mind is currently working on???????

People aren't really respectful of others autonomy, really.

I did prefer the internet. Because it gave me more autonomy (the ability to make better informed decisions) than anything I encountered IRL.

The small group thing... People were able to build up some reputation which was helpful when people offered you something that was very dissonant or differnet... At times... Yeah.

I respect what you said here, Baseball.. I did need to process it. I think I made the right decision. To walk away both times. Yeah.

They don't seem to have diving training very often... Unless they mostly do trampoline work I don't think it's a serious thing here.




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