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Re: and another gym bites the dust...

Posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2018, at 21:12:04

In reply to Re: and another gym bites the dust..., posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2018, at 20:21:44

It is hard...

I actually learned a lot from here:

Nowdays they make a lot of money from selling suppliments. I think probably in the early days they made a lot of money from selling 'suppliments'...

But they had some really knowledgeable people posting. People who were really very well read on different techniques and programs and the like. People who had trained for many many years. People who had trained others for many many years.

There is the potential for a lot of money to be made... There is a lot of idiocy about. Idiots willing to pay for rubbish. For quick fixes. Idiots peddling stuff.

You need your wits about you to try and distinguish 'quality' information and bunk.

One of the things that was helpful was people would online diary. They would post their training sessions and some of them would post their nutrition. People would log and you could track them over... Years.

Whereas most of the 'science' research is done on people who either can't do whatever movement it is you are interested in learning about or people who lie about what they've done and so on...

Here you have people posting videos of their training sessions. You see them lifting standardised weights for however many reps and the like.

And of course nowdays you can't believe half of what you see becuase photoshop and other things have got to it. People can't tell the difference between genuine... The athlete genuinely did that and something that isn't... Physically?... Athletically?... Plausible.

There were decent people who posted... Probably the lower key people. I mean... Those who were training High School athletes trying to help them get places on college teams (trying to help improve their vertical jump and so on). Like... How people study for entry exams, there are athlete things to train. The beep test and so on...

And injury rehab and injury prevention...

I'm really genuinely interested in this sort of stuff. That's partly why I started with the sport sci... I thought I could get into / get to meet some of the people who knew what they were talking about in NZ... Would at least know enough to see that I know quite a lot and I'm also instructable... But from what I've seen... There isn't really anything here.

I mean... I sussed out physiotherapy because I thought that might be a thing... I went to the Millenium Institute (where the high performance athletes supposedly train)... Looking for... The smaller people... The ones who didn't have natural talent... The ones who had to fight tooth and claw for every scrap of progress... The brains behind the operation... And there either aren't any or (more plausibly) they're well well well hidden away such that I never got to see them.

I went to a talk here about how Glute Max is the rotator cuff of the hip. (That would be like saying latissimus dorsi - large superficial muscle - is the rotator cuff of the shoulder). That's physiotherapy research / physiotherapy academia. I didn't get to see the physio gym, here... But there is Southern Physio working out of the... You guessed it... The swimming gym!!! Yup yup yup. That was why I wanted to speak with the gym manager. Because... Of all these people you see... Doing aqua yoga... All the posters about doing things with the people to help with osteo degeneration of the hip or the spine...

I thought there might be someone who knows in charge.

More fool me. Again.

I'm very genuinely interested in sport science / rehabilitation. But you have to come through from med...

I have particular interests in floor exercises (as in, hanging out on the floor in seated posture and learning to get off the floor with no arms). This is in direct contrast to the district health board 'don't fall down' health target / goal / policy.

I have particular interests in barefoot training (especially after foot injury to prevent hammer toes and claw toes and also to help prevent gangrenous foot in diabetes). People can touch their own toes, typically, when they get down on teh floor and bend their knees. have a little hip mobility. massage their own feet.

Where is more natural to do all this but the gym or a gym space associated with a f*ck*ng swimming pool.

But I've met the 'manager'.






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