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Re: and another gym bites the dust...

Posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2018, at 21:25:42

In reply to Re: and another gym bites the dust..., posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2018, at 21:12:04

oh, i dare say it's becuase of the money / about the corruption (yet again).


we get all the end of supply chain shoes. athletic shoes, i mean. sneakers. you know how you get these crazes... 'minimialist shoes' (which are basically socks that cost, like $300) or 'rocker shoes' (which have really weird platform soles that cost, like $300).

well, what we do, is follow the world in stupid crazes... last.

and this gets subsidised / sponsored by our government and / or by the Accident Compensation Corporation.

See, how it works, is that you have a 'special need' for footwear. This is something they especially encourage in people who cannot afford to buy shoes, actually. If you have a 'special need' for footwear then you get Work and Income (government welfare) or ACC (because of injury you acquired) funds towards the purchase of 'medical' shoes. It's a shoe 'prescription' you see. From this 'specialist' store called Athletes Foot. They hire 'specialist' 'podiatrists' to show you a computer picture of pressure from your feet when you stand on their force plate and on the basis of that and laboratory tests like them taking a ruler to your foot dimensions they will 'prescribe' you a $300 pair of shoes.


The... Damn... I'm trying to remember... The inferior goods. We import these inferior goods and they are peddaled as 'premium product' with 'premium product' price tags and a lot of it comes from government spending. They choose to spend their money on this useless crap.

It's especially odd because you have people living in good climates (I mean, for feet). I think a lot of the athletic proclivity that you see in indigenous people is from their running about a lot on grass and so on with no shoes. You start binding up their feet and... Cripple people. Yeah. You do.

Anyway... ACC has a 'health and safety' rule about wearing shoes in the gym. To promote the interests of...

And we don't seem to beleive in the rotator cuff of teh hip...

I don't know / understand how muscles are reattached after joint replacements. I'm really interested in developing such things for better movement...

But not if the cost of development is intentionally f*ck*ng up however many people on the way...

Intentionally not teaching people how to move / strenghen their body through normal (by which I don't mean statistically average) ranges of motion...

The science is mostly a mess... And idiocy prevails. It's in about as bad a shape as ethics generally in these parts...





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