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Re: and another gym bites the dust...

Posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2018, at 23:05:29

In reply to Re: and another gym bites the dust..., posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2018, at 22:53:47

Yeah... Nah... You have duty of care over the kids. To care for their welfare. It sucks to think that some kids who work really hard might be conned into believing that they *need* to take some substance that could really harm them if they are serious about their sport. That isnt' acceptable, at all. The kids need to believe that the structures are in place such that they will be rewarded for the *right* things. Yeah.

It used to be really painful for me to watch netball in New Zealand (a woman's sport, primarily). Because they used to have their knees all taped up. And because their landing mechanics were awful. Slamming through their knees and their lumbar spines.

Now, the elite teams are a joy to watch. Their knees are naked and they land really well. Precise. Precision hop steps when they land. They land mostly in a way that is safe and repeatable.

The junior teams are rather harder to watch.

The play on a hard surface you see. A basketball court. Or, when young often outdoor tarseal. Like basketball, yeah. They don't jump as high... But they have many more repetitions of jumping and a lot of them are one legged lands.

I've been watching some.. Weird... 5 aside or whatever. And people from smaller (supposedly more developing than us) nations... And the poorer the country the more taping and so on they have.

Remember basketball boots? How much money some kids will pay for Air Jordans? Yeah.

The coloured k-tape.

More recent Olypics have been more.... Honest. It's athletic tape (which is plenty expensive as it is) but... It's just athletic tape to apply a bit of pressure which removes a tweaky kind of intermittant pain that is attention-grabby and... Stabilises... Calms the muscle, slightly. That's all. No magic. Little bit of compression and the muscle calms.

Like Grandin pointed out however many years ago.


California paid a small fortune (and visa and citizenship I think) for some retired Bulgarian weightlifting coaches and so on...

And people can't tell the difference between gimmick and genuine knowledge...

Whatever... It's hard to say. It's really a long-haul sport because it takes years and years and years and years to grow muscle. And the muscle won't grow properly (to support proper movement pattern) unless you move through that pattern over and over and over and over for years and years and years.

So... We'll see what the US weightlifting trees do in a few Olympics yet...

But I don't have particularly high hopes. Lets, just say. Yeah.




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