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Re: still here

Posted by alexandra_k on August 20, 2013, at 18:25:39

In reply to Re: still here, posted by alexandra_k on August 17, 2013, at 21:10:53

lecture starts around 8 minutes in.

her enthusiasm is catchy. i am going to have to study science next year, after all, i think. i mean... i'll focus on my thesis for now and whatever will be will be... but i'll make sure i meet application etc deadlines.

i went to one yesterday... it was on hydroponic people. at least, that is how i'm going to think about it. people who had intestinal failure so needed to be fed via iv. a lot of metabolism happens between mouth and bloodstream.... out mouth and gut / gut and bloodstream (nasal feeing). i guess that can be measured by seeing how people respond to iv feedings. and nasal feedings. wow. pretty. f*ck*ng. cool. (sad for them, obviously).

(i have no idea why i'm thinking of them as 'hydroponic'. i guess it is just the notion of precise quantities, whereas actual food (e.g., fruits and veges) have so many unknowns going on with pesticides and seasonal variation in sugars etc).

i think i might have some scientist in me, after all.

apparently the notion of group selection is problematic... goodie.

stuff to be doing...

spending time at uni helps me feel... human. getting excited about hydroponic people or beautiful biomolecules and seeing theorists recognize the excitement... is the most wonderful kind of catchy feeling in the world. it is rare... i didn't realise? forgot? just how rare that was...

life... for me... is about doing what i can to maximise time spent with people who have that similar excitement... who are part of the project of maximising that in the world... hoping people catch more of it...

rather than setting out to prove how smart one is / how stupid others are... or whatever... i don't know.





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