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Re: leeran... all that will open I » lostsailor

Posted by leeran on April 26, 2003, at 19:32:17

In reply to Re: leeran... all that will open I, posted by lostsailor on April 25, 2003, at 21:05:42


You've never been with a prostitute???? Well, neither have I. So, now that we're settled on that . . . ;-) (As an aside - I didn't even think about it one way or another when I read that - but if I would have had to bet I would have gone with "nay, grasshopper,” besides, after reading about your night out I don’t think it sounds like you’re one to have to use Mastercard for that kind of purchase).

Re: this house sitting gig, am I getting the feeling that you're feeling kind of used in addition to everything else that’s going on? Sort of like your friend is killing two birds with one stone - and you're the stone? Housesitting is an interesting concept. I had my best friend’s son housesit one time and I remember thinking it was a “privilege” because (a) he was a very responsible senior in high school and had never had much time away from his mom (b) I thought my house was the coolest place on the planet (not the house I live in now, but before I moved out here).

Maybe said friend thinks that a week in his house without having to pay for a hotel is kind of like renting one of those villas in Jamaica or something? He may think he’s doing you a favor by handing over the keys to what could become a “swinging bachelor pad” for a week (and he just worded it differently on the phone).

Sometimes friends/family think that those who are single want to jump at certain opportunities, when in fact, it’s just the opposite. Friends/family tried to impose this type of thing on my husband during the five years when he was single (by the way – single, sans girlfriend, and celibate for five years until I pirouetted into his life donned in my emotional straitjacket).

It sounds like you’re going to have to decide how much of yourself you’re willing to allocate for your friend at this point in your life. I choose carefully those overnight trips that I know will "take a lot out of me" in the process. Example: going to see my parents is agony and it leaves me depleted for days (the trip, the weather that’s either too hot or too cold, my mother's four pack a day smoking with the windows closed, etc.).

On the other hand, going to San Francisco with my son and husband can be invigorating and relatively stress-free, and San Francisco is such a great place . . . there’s Fior d'Italia in North Beach (America’s oldest Italian restaurant complete with one of Tony Bennett’s gold records of “I left my heart in San Francisco”), Ghirardelli Square, Haight-Asbury, and if you like to skateboard I can tell you all the inside places that my son scouted out when we went there last summer (it’s highly doubtful that you are a skateboarder but just in case . . . )

Then, there’s always “The Nuptials in the Condo Courtyard” option. Maybe they can babysit Aurora while you mosey down to NYC.

Hey, and If they do a web wedding give everyone the URL and I'll put on fresh pajamas and paint my toenails for the occasion!

What does Aurora say? (I know what Val would say).

By the way - I just love this one line from your other post:

“I may just stay home...b/c I think I will have laundry to do and other important things.”





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