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tabbycat, tabbycat bakers...

Posted by lostsailor on April 24, 2003, at 19:31:36

In reply to Re: lost sailor--sienna and all » lostsailor, posted by Tabitha on April 24, 2003, at 11:43:18

I am bad.
Fur lined cuffs for me,

This is getting “”hotter than Hell””--
no, not the KISS album, either.

Now for an attempt at prose:

““The times they are a changing”” and I don’t know what to do. Yes in the west, but North to you. They live in Sonoma County, which is near Eureka. I have put off any response to him/them for almost a month, not knowing what to do.

I had an idea but was totally afraid to pose it to him (but not her) and wanted to run it by my therapist—former colleague…my what a web I weave) to make sure it was a-ok to say…. They offered me two round trip tickets for the ““affair to remember”” and I don’t want that money wasted if I can’t make it due to my mindset at the time. As we all know, I am single (hint to all!!!…lol) but had been “seeing” somebody in December when they were up last. Of course her and I did not work out, as I can’t seem to trick anyone into loving me again. Actually she was a pretty, kind hearted, BP who would not take her meds and therefore was about as stable as I am though I’m med compliant.

Don’t begin to laugh as it gets better/worse, but I’ll save that for another post. I had to end up end up “terminating” the relationship---such a irony as I WAS a social-worker “”all those years ago””… and Termination was paperwork at that time; now it’s a choice. GOD, it’s me ~tony---listen NOT to Margaret , but to me…

….So, my decision was to offer to “update” the two tickets to “open-ended” ones—no therapeutic puns, please—so that if I did back out, they could be used by them the next time they come to the east. What a disaster that became—worse by far than “”the perfect storm””---he flipped when I mentioned it. Mind you, this is my BEST friend with whom I studied social work with as an undergrad and went on for an MSW. I need to be thankful that Rhonda, also a social worker, was able to “understand and empathize” with my plight/flight…. A bit more than he. How messed. Now, when I update the tickets, which I might not use now to current fight, it will cost about 400$ for the upgrade, plus tux, and gift and money spent while there…I won’t even try to add as I am scared. All I know is I am not manic and can use credit cards now with rational…I think. Please don’t ask about …forget it…lmao

I mean, I would not use two tickets unless (@ like 500$ each) I thought that the person I was dating was “worth, it“ and being careful for all those who are reading this “private” post, it to THEM, not me—as in, although not financially/mentally stable @ the time, I would have no problems with my conscience taking even a male friend…ect) if it were my money but it’s much different with theirs.

God, I wish Aurora would dispense my meds soon….




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