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Now T emailed with his address. tears

Posted by kerria on October 20, 2006, at 7:46:32

In reply to my T yelled and swore at me . tears, posted by kerria on October 17, 2006, at 0:34:25

> tears, please help- i'm so upset inside and everything is a mess inside . Today my T called back to schedule appt- a different day every week because of his schedule and he blamed me because i share a car with my h. He swore- and yelled. i'm so so hurt. All my support is gone. tears, i can't make it.
> How can he be so cruel- i'm so afraid to ever see him again.
> Why is he so angry that he would yell at me.? What does it matter- he'd give me a day when he wanted to anyways. Why? What is there about me that he would yell at me when i can't help it that i have an angry h who won't allow me to use the caaar twice a week- and those two days are easier days to schedule for him. tears. i'm devastated . i know he doesn't care about me. tears
> i feel like the last six years of t with him are a waste- i'm so apart- so hurt. He's the only one who knows my parts. i wasn't blaming him that he couldn't see me until Friday- why did he yell at me and swear ? What is it about me that people treat me like that.
> My h is angry that he gives me the car- why? i feel so abandoned. tears. My T showed his real feelings- he doesn't care about me- tears. How can i go on? He knows how much it upset me- why would he ddo that to me? Why couldn't he talk softly because i'm having such a hard time?
> How do you all find Ts who care about you?
> i don't know what to do - i can't believe it. i heard him and i know he doesn't care about me. He cares about his schedule andd i'm too much trouble to be worth it. tears.
> please help someone. all my support is gone. it's too hard for me. There are too many hard things. My h is so hateful towrds me and i have this horrible triggering pain - i have to have surgery for but need to delay because i don't have the emotional support to have it, tears. there's too many hard things.Today is the anniverasary of f's death- i told T why i was upset- i didn't blame T that he had no time- why did he yell at me and blame me for what i can't help/ tears,
> kerria

Today T emailed back- with his address and email of the place he works. tears. How can i make an appt- why is he not saying he's sorry for bing in a rage at me and swearing over scheduling? i called him in crisis and he was so angry- it hurts so much. i need him so much to know what i'm doing- i don't have communication with parts.

Why is he being so impersonal and ignoring what i said- how upset i am that he was in a terrible rageee when i called him in crisis? Why isn't he sorry that he treated me like that?

tears. What can i do now?

Who can help me. tears i'm so upset. i can't believe my T is doing this to me TEARS




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