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Re: info... Angel Girl

Posted by B2chica on May 25, 2004, at 11:43:40

In reply to Re: You done good B2chica, posted by Angel Girl on May 25, 2004, at 8:17:21

Hey AG
When i first did it they had a first test that just said yes you do or no you don't. then you took the second (this one) and it would say what type of ADHD you have. The cingulate, temporal, blah, blah are locations in the brain. there are several places that ADHD shows up in or effects, this just tells you basically what type of ADHD you have, what type of symptoms you have (associates to different parts of the brain). I too have the inattentive type. My pdoc said that the I-type is most common in females, and also lots easier to miss when growing up. the active type is obvious cuz a kids running around the classroom...etc.

>...I think the top one should really be Highly Probable when I read the info on it.

-and it could be that you have i said this is just an online thing and your real results could be different.

> Do you still SI and if not, what made you stop?

-yes...still do. i first remember doing it when i was about 13 or 14. not like i do now though. I don't remember doing it from about 20-27, but started back again. Last year got worse, deeper, more...etc.
My emotions were completely out of control.
It is done mostly because of emotions that you have that you can't seem to let out, that you don't's a coping mechanism. not the best, but it does seem to work. I'm working on using others, it's ok but i just have so many other issues i need to deal with that i don't see me stopping anytime soon.
Sometimes people do it for an outward sign of the internal pain.
I sometimes do it because i want to slit my wrists so i do it higher or on a different limb.
Othertimes people do it as a type of feeling of control. "it is MY body, i can do whatever i want to it".-my guess here is that someone has done something to it without they are taking back control.
Sometimes it's secrecy, this is what i do that NO ONE ELSE knows about, it's mine and no one elses.

Your friend has every right to be concerned, but she need to be careful and not fly off the handle. My assumption is that the daughter is in pain and can't let it out (for many reasons -distrust, feeling alone, isolated, hatred, misunderstood, hurt, scared.)
And the last thing she needs is someone suffocating her with pressured guilt or fear. The mother may want to talk to a counselor first and see how to best approach this. Becareful with choice of counselors, i've heard horror stories that some T's drop the client like a hot potato when they find out they SI.

there are several really helpful sites out there, surf around. Here's one i've been to a few times. not bad.





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