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Re: LOL! Thanks -- I think... Racer

Posted by spoc on May 9, 2004, at 19:37:41

In reply to LOL! Thanks -- I think... spoc, posted by Racer on May 9, 2004, at 19:09:24

***Racer, agreed! So I guess we win then. Whew, glad THAT'S settled! Ha ha. It's destined to be one of those agree-to-disagree things between many, and I will now state as you did that my energy to say much more is questionable. But I had to say something. Note to potential responders: any observations such as "That is all fine if one prefers to instead choose to remain unhappy, or to be stuck in the past" would be missing the entire point of my last post, but I may have to let it go by me and hope someone else takes it up.

> I couldn't tell if you were agreeing or disagreeing with me, or if you had noticed that I type too much and didn't like it? Oh, well.. <

***I was agreeing. And, as far as your statement about making your points more or less the 'long way,' I was relating to the time and care you take in expressing yourself. For I can rarely do it any other way myself, even when I *really* want to, or when I am giving myself a headache! :- D

> You did say so many things, though, that I absolutely agree with, and am glad you were here to state them so much more clearly than I could have done. Thank you.
> We are all different, and we do experience life and its incidences differently, and thank goodness for that! Imagine, the whole world just like me? We'd never speak, never leave the house, and type like banshees! {{shudder}} That's why it was so wounding to hear so many times that I couldn't be hurt badly enough to cry as a kid. You know? How could anyone else know what it felt like? And, considering how it felt to me, think how frightening the world must be, if this wasn't enough to cry about? (Remember, my mother was the one who doesn't believe in disease or medicine or wounds that don't involve arterial gushers...) We are different, and all deserve respect for those differences. And yes: our traumas do not absolve us from trying. What road that trying takes is up to the individual, and for some people, I think choosing to be professional patients or professional victims may be valid choices for a time. {{shrug}} Whatever, right?
> Wow! Whatever happened to the 70s? Remember those slogans like "Different strokes for different folks?" Maybe I'm dating myself, maybe I'm just having a flashback, but there was value to those ideas. Just not to the shag carpeting on the walls, 'K?
> (My imaginary motto: "Doing Good does not absolve you from the responsibility of doing it Well.")




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