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Re: politics

Posted by alexandra_k on November 9, 2017, at 12:55:27

In reply to Re: politics, posted by alexandra_k on November 7, 2017, at 0:07:50

And just one more...

I have been thinking a lot about frequency dependence. About this idea that certain things (or behavioural strategies) might only be viable (or profitable) in a frequency dependent way. So then it becomes about staying ahead of the curve, rather.

I think perhaps that is a major lesson for me. Has to do with tragedy of commons, and so on.

I mean, say you see an opportunity... An empty commons. And then you think to yourself 'hey, I could buy a sheep or a cow, or whatever' and graze in on the commons. And so you do that. But then somebody sees you and they decide to do it to... And maybe to start out it's great that there are other people out there on the commons. You can take turns babysitting the herd, or whatever. You can pool for a sheep dog, or something. But then the population grows and the returns diminish (e.g., less tasty tips so the animals aren't fattening up the way they used to) and then, once every freaking person has jumped in, the grass is obliterated from overgrazing to the ruin of them all.

The ruin of them all...

I guess there is a point where it is best to get out.

I saw the housing thing coming, here. When my Mother told me that my sisters kids had been advised by the law firm she works for (as an administrator) to get their money out of trust and into property... I knew it was time to get out of property.

I wonder where the people who... First invested in property... The ones who are out of property already... I wonder what they have invested in, now... Not the ones who got lucky, I mean, the ones who saw it coming... I wonder where it's at, now...


Might have transitioned into health property... Who knows... Am I all independently discovering finance, or something??

Anyway... This frequency dependence thing... I guess sometimes it really is best to get your damned mouth shut when you are on to a good thing. Or... To be a little quid pro quo about who you share helpful things with. Co-operativity for mutual benefit... I feel like I have missed something... But I suppose I'm also learning that it is about the hardest thing in the world... I hope I'm not... Broken. In some kind of Autistic way... About this. Such that... I'll never be in the position to have financial independence. I mean.

I am a bit scared...

I remmber hearing that some of the med students were scared that they would be required to commit atrocities in rural communities in their government bonded jobs after graduation... Now I'm starting to think that raising the possibility (putting the fear amongst them) might have been a way of teaching them ethics... Little bit of scaremongering... Make it seem real... See what people are made of. Was what I used to think about that. But I'm starting to see all these various positions along a spectrum.. I'm starting to see that things are so very much more complicated than I had thought. It really is too easy to make false dichotomies and arbitrary stipulations on the terms of the debate so as to make the solution easy... Or easier... To really lay out the slippery slope of the extremes... And the scope of diversity of tenable positions between them...

To not be corrupted.

But to understand that you can't always get what you want.

Quid pro quo Clarisse...

Or similar.





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